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Thursday, October 08, 2009

i have been trying to find the time to sit down and blog about this for a while now....but i have actually been keeping pretty busy! So...for the past 3 weeks, i have been in maintenance mode. 135 was my goal, i got there and decided not to set a new lower goal, and that it was time to stop losing weight.
is was the initial plan for maintenance-- i know that to maintain my weight loss, i needed to add some calories to my diet. so i figured that since we tend to have alot of going out plans and get togethers on the weekends, i would just continue to eat like i am on a diet just during the week....and then on the weekends i could allow myself to be a little more relaxed on what i eat, and then keep my exercise routine the same as it has been. and the extra calories would just even out and keep me at the same weight. well, this has been working great for me because it's pretty easy to do pretty well on the weekdays, and then i have something to look forward to on the weekends---yummy food!
Ok, so here's the catch. in the past 3 weeks of "maintaining" i have lost 3 lbs. WHAT???? how did that happen? my official weigh day is thursday mornings. ( i like the weigh myself at the end of the week when i have had time to get rid of all the sodium and crap from the weekend eating) as of 25 minutes ago, when i weighed in, i was 132.4 which is ok, but i truly am not trying to keep on losing weight. so what do i do? i am really wary of adding calories to my day during the week because i am so scared of getting out of control...and i feel like on the weekends it is ok to get slightly out of control, because i know monday is coming, and that once monday gets here-i have to get back to business! so i don't know. i am not saying that i think that 132.4 is a bad thing, but i have had people tell me that it is time to stop losing weight. so................ i guess i am going to have to rethink my maintenance plan.

any tips or help would be appreciated...and i am not boo hoo-ing about losing weight, it is just that i am pretty happy with where i am at-and i am pretty much terrified to do something that is going to make me gain weight again, or get back into the bad habbits that lead to weight gain!

i hope everybody has a good weekend! i have been craving a mcflurry all week, and can't wait to have one this weekend lol!
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    your story & pictures are amazing!! && dont worry about the 3lbs most women fluctuate by 5 pounds (I can daily)!! as long as you feel good, the clothes fit and you are still being healthy & active there is no need to worry about gaining. and even IF you start to, youll know how you lost it and can quickly get back on track! :)
    3928 days ago
    Hi, I just read your spark page and have to say, Congradulations on your great weight loss. I too, am entering maintenaince and have to comment. I was of a similar mind set that since I was going to try and maintain just keep doing the same thing but I could have a few more cheat days. Well, I actually ended up gaining a pound so my WW counselor said cut back just a little and the pound should come back off. I decided to do like you and "diet" during the week and enjoy the weekend. One word of caution. Your weight can fluctuate anywhere between 2 to 5 lbs any given day. You must be doing something right for the weight to have come off, don't stress to much because it might jump back on the next time. You have done such a fabulous job. I think your body is just adjusting and your weight will stabilize once it realizes what is going on so don't make too many big corrections. I agree 100% with KGPOSSIBLE. You are so fortunate to have figured this out at an early age and you will be a great example for your little one. Keep up the great work. You have set yourself up for a lifetime of success.
    4297 days ago
    Yay you finally blogged! Well, I don't have suggestions for maintaining because I've never had to:-). But, you should try to stick to a normal calorie range for your weight and see what happens. If being "normal" causes you to gain weight then gradually lower it. That's probably what I would do. And hey, atleast you lost and didn't gain;-). You're the bomb!

    4307 days ago
    i wouldnt worry too much about look great! its not like your NOT eating or your bones are sticking out or anything like that. if your eating an adequate amt of cals, and on weekends your goin kinda "crazy" id say your fine! if you find yourself always tired, and getting sick a lot, then id think about adding some cals, (as those are signs your getting unhealthy). but for your height thats not a bad weight! try giving yourself a 5lb range..i plan on maintaining between least when i get there i will!!! lol dont stress girl you look great keep it up!
    4308 days ago
    Hi Erin,

    I think your plan is a good one and something you can live with for the rest of your life....It is one that will keep you conscience of what you are eating and not let you slip back into bad habits. Congratulations on finding a healthy lifestyle so young!!

    I would keep doing exactly what you are doing and give it a few weeks to test. If for the next two weeks you continue to lose weight, then you know you need to add more calories... I think you will even out. Worst case scenario you will lose a few more pounds until you figure out where you need to be to maintain. As you are exploring you might gain 2 lbs in a week so don't worry.....It will be just like when you were trying to lose weight and you gained or maintained even though you did everything right.....our bodies are so weird, but what I have figured out over the years is if you stick to a calorie range you will stay within a weight range too. It's the extra bite of this that starts turning into a bag of that!!

    My one suggestion......and this does come from years of experience....don't ever stop using this site....and the support system you have built. Even if you slip a will get you back on track....this will be a lifelong plan, not a destination......I have finally figured that out after all these just is.....

    I'm so excited for have your whole life ahead of you to go out and enjoy. It is so much better living life as a thin, fit person than hiding behind a lot of weight.....

    o take on the world!


    4309 days ago
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