Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Friday Gorgeous Diva's!!!

I am serious about making changes to my life. It's that "TOM" & I know that my cycle will be here every month & I can't afford to miss a week of exercise because of it. So if I can only get in 30 minutes than I will still be treating my body good today!! I had a real heart to heart with my man last night. We talked about my lack of self-control & how I need to really understand how temptation will always be around, so why keep eating things that I know are bad for me? He is very supportive.

I realized that if some brought in some CRACK, COCAINE, or METH & sat it in front of me that I would be disgusted & immediately throw it out!!! So my question is why can't I have this same reaction to foods that are my trigger ~ CAKE, CHIPS, COOKIES, OR CANDY!! I realized that I allow some foods to be a drug, an addiction to me. So I have to learn to not be a food phene & stop bringing foods into the house that are just NOT good for me. I have to stop making excuses!! This does not mean that I can never have a bag of chips but until I can get my addiction to MY trigger foods, then I need to step away from them.


"Are you willing to Recognize & Admit what Food you are Addicted to and what you need to do to control it? Do you want to continue to be a Food Phene?"

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    you hit the nail on the head! this is why i'm not celebrating halloween this year. i'll miss seeing the kids, young and old, all dressed up ... but not the temptation of all that CANDY. i always buy the stuff i like, just in case i don't pass it all out. we won't even talk about all the pieces i eat waiting for the doorbell to ring. one for them, two for me ... two for them, three for me! now what sense does that make?! and have i ever thought to buy candy i don't like? ... well, yes ... thought about it, i just never do it. so this year, i won't buy candy or turn on my porch light. it's a small sacrifice for a better me.
    4234 days ago
  • no profile photo OVERCOMER25
    I realy like how you put our this into prespective! Makes me want to seriously think about my comfort foods and addictions. Temptation will always be around like you said, so I wonder what strategies do you use to avoid the temptation or to replace those comfort foods with other healthy choices such as going for a walk when you experience a craving?!
    4235 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1508102
    HI, my name is Carmel and I'm a sweetaholic! It's easy to say it and hard to deal with it. But I'm learning that I have the power and I won't let my addiction rule me anymore. Thanks so much for the blog. I know you will do what you have to do to reach your goal. emoticon
    4235 days ago
  • FIT_BY40
    I agree. Mine are french fries, french fries and oh, french fries. Very little self control. Can't be around them or I'm doomed.
    4236 days ago
    I truly believe that people can be addicted to certain foods. My niece, who is overweight and was a big baby, would literally CRY for candy. It was beyond a normal want. I think people can have a sugar addiction, and the only way to break it is to not eat it.

    It's great that your man listens and hears what you are saying. You keep doing what you have to do for you!

    I don't think I'm addicted to any certain food. I simply love food! I took Coach Becky's quiz at the Sparkpeople Convention. I'm not an emotional eater, but I do love the flavor and texture of foods. Give me a choice between roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy or chips and dip and I'll take the beef and potatoes every time!

    Oh, and my mom always told me (and she was right of course) that exercise is great for when you have cramps. You know I cut my eyes at her when she said it...Don't know if that will help you, but it did help me. I know it takes effort, but it could help. Also-if your TOM is really bad, check with your doctor to see what might be helpful.
    4236 days ago

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    LOVE your topic today and your challenge at the end. TODAY, I will NOT be a food phene!!! I'm on South Beach diet, have lost 105 lbs since January this yr and have several SB-friendly (allowable) foods that I JUST CANNOT HAVE..I will not control the portion sizes and so....they gotta go. I no longer keep those tasty Terra Sweet Potato chips in the house nor do I make SB friendly desserts using the Cool Whip that has the SB logo on it. Portion control packaging doesn't work for me either, I just end up eating several packages of whatever I'm loving at the time :) I recognize that a food is too hard to stick to one serving's not on my grocery list again. Maybe someday, but not for the present. Thanks so much for sharing! All the best as you commit to the new you! emoticon Kathy
    4236 days ago
    It warms my heart that your man is so supportive and that you can talk to him openly and honestly about your issues. Hugs to him from every women out there who does not have this in her life!
    4236 days ago
  • REGGIE2009
    My food of choice is chips and P&J sandwiches. I can go through a jar of P&J in one week! I am vowing to keep them out of my home until, I can control these urges eat them when I see them in my cupboards. You have sparked me! No more phening for me! I am done! Thanks for sharing my friend. emoticon emoticon
    4236 days ago
  • DWEBI09
    Cassandra, I hear you and agree! I have that stuff at least 2-3 days out of the work week. I'm not crazy, but I have to constantly talk to myself out of why I don't need to eat it. If I really really want it, I'll take a bit and walk away. I'm learning to savior the appearance, flavor and the feeling of when I eat it. Sometimes, it's worth the bite. Other times, I it's not. But you bet I always count it.

    4236 days ago
    congrats and good luck. Recognizing and doing something about the foods you are addicted to that are bad for you is a giant step in the right direction. Maybe just buy a small package of the one you like the leaset. Then it will be easier to get rid of it also later. I know not to buy candy. I will eat it all in one day so I dont buy it. I refuse to be a Food Phene. as you called it
    4236 days ago
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