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Sunday, October 11, 2009

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This is a personal blog for me tonight & thoughts on what's going on in my head.

Well this week was a good one for me; I reached my weekly weight goal of losing 2 pounds. I put my body in motion & changed my eating habits. However, over the weekend I felt a sense of loneliness. I mean I know I have my 2 boys & Eric but I thought about my lack of friends here in Orlando.

I think about how I worry bout all of my friends & family & how I put their needs first. I only have enough friends to count on 1 hand that live here in Orlando. I have lots of Spark Friends but nothing like having an actual support system here physically. So I called my Best Friend (BF) who lives out in L.A. & was telling her how I wish I had more friends here. She told me that I put everyone first other than me, which is true. I told her how I want to go on a cruise next year & might have to go alone but no longer waiting on the few friends that I have to live my life.

MyBF told me that I have at least maybe 50 more years to live & I need to stop worrying so much about how much things cost but to enjoy what it is that I want. To start picking quality over quantity. What she was saying is that I am always trying to save a dollar if I can & when I get 70 years old what good is going to do me to have tried to save but never really bought & enjoyed the things that I wanted b/c I thought it cost too much. She said what's the point in working if you can never treat or reward yourself. I said you know what, she was absolutely right!!! I am treating myself to a cruise on my birthday weekend & don't care that the price will be higher b/c my birthday falls on Memorial day weekend normally but it's an experience that I want & I am going to just pay the extra money & treat Cassandra.

I am no longer waiting on others but do plan on going out at least twice a month with others & stop living like I am over 80 years old. I have a lot of years to live (Lord willing) & I don't want to live my life trying to pinch every penny & not to have enjoyed any of the money that I bust my butt to earn every day. I want to be old & look back at all of the great experiences that I did when I was young & active. I want to enjoy my life now & become the Orlando Diva Socialite!! emoticon


"Are you putting Yourself FIRST? Are you living for Quality or for Quantity, Are you enjoying Your Life to the Fullest?"
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  • MY1FAN
    Good blog. I want to go on a cruise one day also.
    4232 days ago

    You need to kiss and hug your friend the next time you see her! I am so happy that you are discovering this while you are still young. Too many people put off doing what they want to do, and then they feel they are either too old, or are not healthy enough to do the things they dreamed of. Or worse yet-they're not alive to do what they wanted to do.

    Go for it at all times.

    As far as friends go in Orlando, make sure you get out and do things, even if it means doing them alone at first (safely, of course). You might take a class or join a book club at the library (free AND entertaining). It takes time, but you'll be successful because you are one positive diva!

    4232 days ago
    Hey girl! Awesome blog, it is definitely time to start putting yourself first. A tip as far as the cruises go, I have seen that "last minute cruises" are cheap! I just learned that this weekend actually, my girlfriend was like get a passport, we're going on a cruise, last minute cruises can be as cheap as 16$ a day!
    So check into something like that if you're trying to save money, but either way
    ...splurge on yourself!
    and never forget that!
    4233 days ago
    Congrats on meeting your weekly goal. I think that you have worked so hard for yourself and for all of those around you that you HAVE to take that cruise. You have so earned it and sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind and do something good for ourselves. Keep up the great work - keeping sharing with us. Hugs to you friend!
    4233 days ago
    I love your blogs and it is like coffee to my soul!!!!!I seem to be like you but remember that sometimes it is not good to have alot of "friends" around you!!!!! My mother has taught me this and it is sad but true-having alot of women in your life is not good.
    4233 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    You never know..if you book it early enough it may be cheaper despite the holiday....but your friend is for yourself and enjoy your'll be glad you went on that cruise and I'm sure you won't be going alone...start getting out and meeting people that will make your life in Florida more enjoyable!!!

    You deserve it!!!!!
    4233 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Good for you!
    4233 days ago
    aaah great blog!
    4233 days ago
  • KLS777
    AGREE TOTALLY! I had this turning point too! Now I take the time and have what I want (within reason) and take far better care of myself now. I feel so much better about myself and my future! emoticon
    4233 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4757562
    Girl, you sound like you've reached the turning point that I hit earlier this year. You HAVE to take time out for you... it's like a rechargeable battery, it can keep going and going as long as you refuel it. Go on your cruise and treat yourself to little outings here and there too. Have a divalicious week!
    4233 days ago
    Oh how I loved your blog. I seem to put family first so much but I do make sure I go places when I want to. I travel to see a certain country artist because he is wonderful to his fans and I love his music. This is for me. I have a trip next sunday and looking forward to it. I drive myself short distances or travel to a friends house and ride with her. Its only a few times a year but its for me. I am 78 years young thanks to this artist. Billy Ray Cyrus. My family love when I go to see him and feel I will outlive them because of him.

    Cassandra you go on your cruise. No matter what,.
    4233 days ago
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