Yay me!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I can't believe how much I'm enjoying my gym time! Most of the time I feel awesome when I leave. Sweaty, but awesome. I've been having many days of great moods, I'm really liking that!

So today was one of those awesome, wonderful, fantastic moods. Could not wait for 4:30 to roll around so I could get to my training appt. Got signed in. "You know what today is right?" assessment day! I could not wait! Holy cow, did I just say I couldn't wait to not only be weighed and measured, but to have a boy do it? I was so excited! Told him to let's do it. And then commented on how I couldn't believe I was EXCITED to be getting on the scale in front of him. Why am I so excited? Results baby. I had results to show! 8lbs since my last weigh in with him. 8lbs in a MONTH! I'm down 16lbs since the end of July. I don't think I've ever when in for an appt as pumped up as I was today. Definitely a far cry from Monday's when I was dragging my butt in there not wanting to do anything.

I'm flying high today! Hoping this mood sticks around for a few days. And can't wait for my next assessment day.
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