HE'S HERE!!! My Grandson Is Here!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thursday was a busy day for me. First thing in the morning I had to take Shari for her scan .... she asked what shes having, and its a girl!! I was really hoping that one of them would have a girl. I love little girls!

I didnt get to do any baking - time ran away from me and I still haven't found it! It didnt really matter. Caela went into labour after lunch on Thursday 22nd, which was awesome because she didnt have to be induced then. By the time we took her to her hospital appointment at 7.30pm she was 4cm dialated. The pic below was taken at 9pm.

Hubby and I were told to go home as she probably wouldnt have baby until the following evening. Well, we got home, changed into our pjs ready to relax for 5 minutes and then Logan (the boyfriend) phoned to say they were taking Caela into the delivery suite. So clothes back on and we headed back to the hospital. Just as well its only 15-20 minutes away!

We arrive and things were'nt really much further along than when we left. They had just moved her out of the room they induce people in, to the delivery suite so that she wouldnt be moved when she actually went into hard labour. She was only supposed to have 2 people in the room with her, but she asked if she could have 3. After telling the ward nurse she wanted her mum, dad and boyfriend - we were all allowed in.

She did so well. She only had the gas ... although towards the end she wanted an epidural, but it was too late for that. Thank goodness! Baby came the following morning on Friday 23rd October, at 4.32am, weighing in at 7.5 pounds. They have named him J'varn. I dont know where that came from, but they like it. I think it still has to grow on me, but I guess its better than 'Apple.'
Here are mum and bubs - hes a whole 5 minutes old! Tired but happy :)

While the midwives were tending to Caela - Koro (DH) and I got some pics in with bub - by this time hes almost an hour old!

And with me ....

They'll both be home tomorrow - I cant wait.

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