Friday, October 30, 2009

So I started the c25k program last week and have kept to my schedule of running dates...woo hoo. I really thought today's run would be "mission failed" because about 8 minutes into the program my treadmil lost power...not once, not twice, but three times...WTH!! Then on my shoulder apprears the emoticontelling me "Awh just get off the treadmill and MAYBE, just maybe you will try again later today".....My thoughts..."Yeah, right, if I step off now...I won't get back to it today and I've only had down time for about 30 seconds so I am stayin' ON" Knocked the emoticon off my shoulder and powered up the treadmill one more time...woo hoo!!! Then outta nowhere about 15 minutes into the program my chest was getting tight and I was coughing my head off....guess who apprears yet AGAIN?.....yep, the ole emoticon telling me "You are sweaty and hot. You are coughing your head off, Your chest is getting tight like you are getting sick, just get off the darn treadmill and maybe you will feel like doing this run tomorrow!"....We argued back and forth for what seemed like forever but needless to say....I knocked the emoticonoff one last time and finished the program!.... now I am proud and feel accomplished for the day! emoticon
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