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Should I Give Up Dairy to Lose The Rest of My Goal Weight?

Monday, November 02, 2009

I've been eating dairy for the nutrients we know each item contains. However, I've read several articles that advise to give up dairy completely for optimal health. I'm cornfused! (smiling) Yes, I'm a cheese eater (within calorie daily goals), and I drink non-fat milk and eat eggs. Perhaps just cutting out the eggs? Having learned so much during my first year of this healthier eating adventure, I realize that there is SO much more to learn. What has worked best for you? To dairy or not to dairy, that is the question.
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    Humans are the only ones who still consume dairy after their first year of life. Any other animal is weaned and the they lose their tollerance for it.

    Studies are showing that many more people suffer from milk allergies than before realized. (And no, eggs don't count.) There are varying degrees of intollerance, but many people are happier without it. Today, it's pretty easy. Soy milk, rice milk, calcium fortified foods.... My ex was diagnosed lactose intollerant and it was really hard finding anything back then outside of going to the health food store! Oh, and they have ice cream that is lactose free. And health food stores have soy-based cheeses.

    Personally, unless I start having major side effects, I'm sticking to milk. I love the stuff. My ex tells me that flavor has come a long way on the lactaid and lactose free stuff, but I'll stick to milk personally. And something to think about. If you have an intollerance and give up milk for 7-10 days, your body will really rebel if you try and put it back in. So be sure you want to know before you try! What might be a minor allergy now could become a major pita if you give it up and try and go back to it.
    3862 days ago
    Hi dear one...I gave up dairy pretty radically when I went RAW/ was a stretch for me who poured 3 times as much skim milk into her cup as coffee. I gave up coffee with the RAW challenge and the first day I had a SPLITTING headache..I was a hard core coffee drinker..3-4 BIG cups every morning but nothing more throughout the day or evening. Surprisingly when I had my fruit smoothies to look forward to I completely lost the craving for it. Amazing by any stretch of the word..because I was close to an addicted coffee lover. I also LOVED cheese...all cheese any kind of cheese..the more the better.. I don't even miss it now and on my RAW/CLEAN I can still have small amounts of RAW goat cheese or sometimes when I have a Greek Salad I'll have the little bit of feta.

    Here's the have to do your own research and then make your own choices...I happen to think our dairy supply, especially our milk and eggs are for the most part tainted..full of hormones and chemicals from the animals that they come from...I'm sure there are some organics out there if you can find them that still might be healthy. I also think that when these foods are tainted that they do strange things to our bodies...I'm telling you I am NEVER hungry eating REAL food...I was ALWAYS hungry eating processed food...I'm living proof..real food is the way to go!
    That's my two cents worth..but you have to find your own journey..and you'll find it as soon as you start doing the research..check out my blogs..there is plenty of research to be found! Whoop da! emoticon emoticon
    3863 days ago
  • no profile photo HOKU-ALOHI
    Good question...I love my fat free milk and I live my fat free soy milk. Just kind of depends on the day for me. I love mostly low fat mozzarella cheese but I also love goat cheese.
    3863 days ago
    Maybe it's something to bring up with your physician? I wasn't much of a milk drinker until I married DH, who is a big-time milk lover. So I drink milk with breakfast every day. I really enjoy yogurt and have eaten it for years.
    Since I'm post-menopausal and I don't like to take pills of any sort let alone calcium "horse" pills, my GYN doctor told me to eat extra yogurt.
    Of course, exercise increases the strength of our bones, regardless of age.
    3863 days ago
    When I ran out of my skim milk one week, I was short on my calcium intake every day. So, I always have skim milk around now, to keep my calcium levels up. Bone mass for women peaks around the late 20s, so it's really important to build strong bones before it's literally too late and your body can't build up its bones any more. I also loooove my plain nonfat yogurt (with berries!) so I couldn't give that up. It's how I get 60+g of protein/day. Just make sure to keep all your macronutrient and micronutrient levels up, whether you decide to eliminate dairy or not!
    3863 days ago
    I haven't given up dairy as I really like my yogurt daily.
    I drink milk occasionally but even do not use butter or cream as much as I did when I was younger. I never noticed if it made a difference in weight loss or gain. Sorry, I'm not much help on this issue.
    3863 days ago
    Maybe just a glass or two here and there, but make sure that you keep you calcium levels up. Other than that, you decision. Personally, I couldn't live without my yogurt.
    3863 days ago
    I don't eat dairy or eggs (or meat or fish ... or, you know, any animal bits) and I'm perfectly healthy. It may not be necessary to give up any of them to lose weight but I feel MUCH better not eating them.

    Most humans are intolerant of dairy to some degree or another. I actually just read an article about lactose intolerance actually being the norm and lactose tolerance the odd thing. It's really an American/European thing to do so much dairy.

    In many cases, folks who give it up feel a lot better. When you feel borderline unwell all the time you get used to that as your baseline. When I gave up dairy I was amazed at how much better I felt.

    IMO, it's worth a try. You absolutely do not need dairy to be healthy. I really dislike how it's pushed on everyone even though it's a statistical fact that most humans can't tolerate it to varying degrees. Cow milk is for baby cows. Period.
    3863 days ago
    I didn't start losing until I started the dairy. I needed not only the calcium but the protein as well. Go figure!
    3863 days ago
  • JYATES77
    You need the calcium and I have read that one 8oz glass of milk a day helps with wieght loss. Try giving up the cheese. emoticon
    3864 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Well, we need calcium -- but not necessarily dairy. Yeah, it's definitely confusing. I don't usually eat a whole lot of dairy, but obviously I do love my cheese. So I have it in moderation, but drink soy milk (which has its own set of problems, of course -- everything does!), eat tofu, etc. etc.

    Oh, and I don't consider eggs to be dairy. They're the perfect protein! Again, in moderation.
    3864 days ago
    I wouldn't give up anything you love completely. I find that giving things up make you crave them so much more and then you might indulge a little too much after a while and can derail your entire program. But that's just my personal experience from the past.
    3864 days ago
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