Things that motivate me to make healthy choices-

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being honest and taking time to take a hard look into reasons for losing weight isn’t an easy thing to do! I much rather not think about it and mindlessly go through my day pretending that it won’t really matter taking that extra bite of yummy Christmas goodie that seems to always be hanging around my office. Thank you, Lime Team for making me stop and THINK about why I am trying to push back my plate and say, “I choose to stop because I want these things…”
1. Friends and Family- Like everybody, I like the camaraderie and social interaction of feeling loved and in turn, loving different friends and family members and even strangers, for different reasons. Maybe it is shallow, but I feel more confident and outgoing and a part of the whole positive human race experience (you know, like making conversation while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store?) when I feel “presentable” and feel ok in my own skin.
2. Husband-I like to snuggle more at night when I am thin!
3. Pain! :-> The thinner I get the less my joints hurt. I have back, joint problems and arthritis that make walking and moving a painful endeavor. Every pound lost helps me not hurt. I have more energy and move quicker and feel stronger when I am in shape.
4. Example-my daughter struggles with her weight and I feel at a loss on how to help her. If I am weak, then how can I expect her to be strong?
5. Clothes-being able to tuck in my shirt and not have a roll of fat staring back at me…and not having to try on different outfits to see which one hides extra pounds better than the other ones.
6. Self Image- A lot of things are unchangeable such as height, facial features, body and hair type, but weight IS something a person CAN change; that alters the way a person looks.
7. Youth-I feel, look and act younger when I am thin.
8. Peace of Mind- When I am NOT having to worry how I am going to get the extra pounds off , I can spend my time thinking of other things I rather think about.
9. Taking Responsibility-I love knowing I have fought the good fight, made the sacrifices needed and now I can be proud of myself for being in control of my choices.
10. Spirituality – Believing that I have this one life to live on this wonderful place called earth-that this is my time to occupy my little spot on the planet, I have to think of how I want to be while I am here.
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