Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Shake

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I just finished my workout, yay, with a 2 mile power walk. One of the most important things I have learned and try to follow through with, is to exercise on an empty stomach (if not first thing in the am - at least 2 hours after eating) and to follow up with a protein shake afterwards. By exercising first thing in the am, before eating I can expect to have a higher body fat burn for the effort, according to Body for Life guidelines. Also, by having quality protein within 30 minutes afterwards, you reward your muscles with the proper fuel for recovery and growth.

Protein shakes and meal replacement bars are a great way to enhance your efforts and fuel your body with good nutrition (if you read the labels and pay close attention to what you are getting anyway - ha). My favorite meal replacements are Medifast for weightloss and maintenance, as well as EAS protein powders and supplements. Here is a shake I came up with today, and thought it was good enough to share!

1 Medifast Chocolate Shake (I used the Choc. Plus for Coronary Health)
1 Scoop Chocolate EAS protein poweder
8 oz. cold water
5 ice cubes
2 Tbsp. SF Raspberry Davinci syrup
1 Starbuck's VIA Columbian instant coffee packet

Blended all together in my Vitamix to create creamy whipped up version of a raspberry truffle - although much healthier for only 2 WW points and:

160 calories
2 g. fat
18 g. carb
6 g. fiber
23 g. protein

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