6 Tips To Make Your New Years Resolution Stick

Friday, January 01, 2010

I got this article from an online subscription and I am not sure of number 6 because this doctor is trying to sell his protein whey powder which I took out his sales pitch. The rest is true I’m sure.

Whatever your New Year’s Resolution for 2010 – here are six tips to make your New Year’s Resolution more ‘sticky’ – which will greatly increase your odds of success.

1. Write it down! You’re much more likely to fulfill your goal of losing, say, 20 pounds, exercising more, and eating healthier foods if you put it in writing. Better yet, post your written resolution on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or some other prominent, frequently visited location where you’ll be reminded of it often.

2. Your goals should be specific, quantifiable, and measurable. Otherwise you have no way to assess whether you hit your goal.

For instance, from #1 above, what exactly does ‘exercising more’ mean? Or ‘eating healthier foods’? Put some traction on your goals by defining what specifically you’re trying to accomplish. You could set your exercise goal as a 30-minute power walk three days per week. That’s specific and measurable. As for ‘eating healthier foods’… how about adding one more veggie than you’re currently doing for lunch and dinner? Define what that number is for you. You get the idea…

3. Get an accountability partner. It could be a spouse, friend, sibling, or even a son or daughter. Make a weekly appointment time to check in together and see how you are progressing on your set goals.

The accountability partner should be someone you respect and admire and with whom you’ll be honest about how it’s going – and not offended that they’re even asking.

4. Set intermediate steps for big goals. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds, define when you could realistically lose it, and then set a goal for each week and month as road marks along the way. You’ll be encouraged by the progress. And success breeds success.

5. Schedule time to meet your goals. Write your exercise times into your planner. List your trips to the farmer’s market or wherever you plan to buy your veggies into your planner… so they become part of your schedule and therefore part of your lifestyle.

6. Feed you body proteins every day and rebuild muscle after working out. Some great sources of high- quality protein are poultry, beef, eggs, nuts, beans and legumes.

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