Reclaiming My Journey :))

Friday, January 08, 2010

I updated my page today. Most of what I say here today is also on my page.

I fell of the healthy journey in May 2009 and have gained back 39 of the 52 pounds that I had previously lost in 2009. I am tired of all the yo-yo crap. It's time to get back up, dust myself off and get serious one last time and today starts that time for me :)

My marraige has issues due to my lack of self confidence and lack of sensuality. I fully intend on changing all that. I wil be the "hot little wife" that my hubby tells me that I am, don't believe me...well come back later this year and check it out for yourself. I am more determined than ever to see this to fruition. I have a dear sweet SP friend that claims that there has to be sensuality buried somewhere in me...well now I am out to prove that friend right as well :))

I have not eaten "right" for months. I haven't even been doing any exercises. So, with that all's time to put some goals in place to turn all those bad habits around again :)

* QuickFire EVERYDAY

* Get My Tan On Everyday ( I always feel better about myself with some nice color to my skin)

* Start My c25k program again (yes, from the very beginning)

* Some form of Cardio EVERYDAY

* Strength Training atleast 3 times weekly

* Pamper Myself (got to help with the sensuality, right??!!)

I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow. Still SP ing?
    1339 days ago
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    spark hug
    2069 days ago
    NO updates in over a year? How's the progress?
    3546 days ago
    thanks for inviting me to your page have been working out for a while lost a little weight and inches feeling good but need to keep going so lets motivate each other and youve done it once you can do it again emoticon
    3815 days ago
    No entries in a while from you so I'm hoping you did get back on it like you said. It's not easy and we do gain it back sometimes. But we are not our weight, we are who we are inside and when we want to lose weight for our own reasons we can. If for some reason, we don't or haven't... it means nothing except that there were other things going on for us. I'm wondering how you are doing and wanting to let you know although I haven't done wonderfully, you have been and inspirtion to me because you keep picking yourself back up and making decisons, that's what is important. I hope life is good and hope to see a positive entry soon! Keep on truckin!
    3876 days ago
    emoticon The hardest part is breaking inertia... and you have done that! Now, if you don't quit, you will win! Keep going... and going... and going... emoticon
    3923 days ago
  • LSW1010
    It looks like you are doing it these days!! Best wishes on reaching your goals.
    3936 days ago
  • B-N-ME
    You will succeed, you know you can do it, and so do we!
    You have many friends here to cheer you on!
    3947 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    This is our year girl! I've been working on getting my sexy back! Believe me, it is sooooo worth it! I love the confidence and swagger that I have these days! Let's go!
    3947 days ago
    Go Wendy!! emoticon
    3950 days ago
  • GINA7249
    ull succeed this time because i feel in u that ur tired of not succeeding. look at what u have done right aand boit what u havent done. look at the positive of it all. u can do this all of us can.
    3957 days ago
    You go girl, you can do it.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3972 days ago
    Hey Wendy, I hope you are doing well. I read your blog and I IDENTIFY!!

    3989 days ago
    3992 days ago

    I am inspired by you. I have been yoyoing myself. The most I ever lost was 125 then regained 80. Last year I lost 40 of the 80 and regained 20. I know what to do, I know that I feel better about myself when I am in control. The only thing I have been consistent with is tracking calories on the good days and the bad days. Keep going, this is going to be a great year for us!
    3998 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6042490
    You're doing amazing, you can do it! 2010 is the year!!

    I so hear you on the sensuality/confidence front. My own sensuality has taken a huge hit since gaining a significant amount of weight. I'm finding that not even just loose weight, but working out on a daily basis, getting in touch with my body, has started to open up my fire again. It's been a process for me...

    4006 days ago
  • POSEY440
    My prayers are with you have a speedy recovery. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4023 days ago
    YOU are NOT alone! YO-YO CRAP is what it is!
    Been going through it for 20 years!
    I have only been with SPARK for one week!
    It feels good to know that I am not alone!
    Don't hesitate to get in touch!

    Let's make 2010 our year!
    4027 days ago
    One day at at time. Next thing you know a week will be gone, a month will be one, and you will reach your goals. This is the year, stick to it!
    4028 days ago
    Great goals Wendy! it is so easy to fall off track, we have all been there. I know this will be your year, You can do it! have a great day! emoticon
    4029 days ago
    Hey Wendy,
    This is going to be OUR year!!!! I am on day 8 of being sober and the first week was hell!!! Sick as a dog. I too want to be that hot little wife, thats carrying though, hahahaha!
    I have to keep the strength of my trigger finger up!!

    I watch that video "One Hot Mama" with that FINE thing Trace Atkins (breakfast, lunch and dinner, GREAT DAY MAN!!!) Oh! Sorry!I forgot where I was!

    Anyway, that can be us!! It WILL BE US!!

    We are always here for you!! We love you!!!

    Janet emoticon emoticon
    4029 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4029 days ago
    Hang in there Wendy! This is a life long commitment. Take one day at a time. Take the time for yourself. Take a deep breath, and start over. This will be the year for change. You sound determined!!
    4030 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3749315
    Hey...Wendy...don't beat yourself up for getting off track...we can bounce back and is a new year with a new attitude!!! You go girl!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4030 days ago
    I know that Wendi is sexy! It's always a work in progress, but you'll work it out. I agree, pampering yourself will help you to feel sexy. And as for the weight, it seems like you have a good, solid plan =)
    4030 days ago
  • ALLYB91
    Well done on reclaiming your life, you can do it and your hubby is lucky to have you - whatever your weight x
    4031 days ago
    Guess what? You are not alone! I started a 2nd job in October and stopped working out altogether. I had planned on January 1st to start again, but got sick. I started working out again this past Thursday. Unfortunately....3 months w/out workouts has really messed me up and i have to start from square one again. Grrrr! I am so mad at myself. I was doing hardcore workouts like ChaLean Extreme and P90X. Oh goes on. We will start again and succeed and not quit. I can guarantee if you keep up with your workouts and eating right and oh yeah....a nicely bronzed will feel sensual like you never have before. Let's do this together!!!!!! We can do it!!!!
    Love Sher
    4031 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4344370
    welcome back the past is just that the past look forward you can do it. emoticon emoticon
    4031 days ago
    I know just what you mean when you mention self confidence,or sensuality emoticon I have those same issues.
    However your hubby is right..I was just looking at your pics,AND you are a beautiful woman.
    Thank you for being so honest..Its not always so easy.
    Us Sparkers are ALWAYS here for you.
    You can do this.We ALL know you can.
    God has a great plan for you,he will carry you through this,and give you the strength you need to stay STRONG!
    I wish you the best.God Bless my friend,Christina emoticon
    4031 days ago
    that is a PLAN!!! and I am right there with you !!!!!!!
    I will push pull and drag you and even chase you
    if need be...

    4031 days ago
    Wendy, you can do this. I am very proud that you have "come clean" and peeled off another layer, actually several, of stuff that has been holding you back. Go for it, my friend. You are so worth the effort.

    Oh, yeah, I'm right behind you to kick your booty in gear...just in case the need should present itself - rofl.

    4031 days ago
    Alright!! You can do this!! Thank you for being so vulnerable here st SP - it takes a LOT of courage. 3 Cheers for you!!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon ~ Laura
    4031 days ago
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    I agree Wendy with everything you said. At one time, I was a very sensual being and I feel I have lost it - can't see it anywhere when I look in the mirror but I believe it is still within. I want to pull it out but I know in order to do that I must get closer to my goal weight.

    I know you know that I have been back sliding for the past couple of months but I am "done with that". I plan to post my plan this weekend - it is similar to yours. Thanks for posting and thanks for being a good sparkfriend. I will miss you in the battle but I understand how it is difficult to focus on more than one team at a time - especially while working. Thanks for all you do!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4031 days ago
  • JEN1239
    If you can do this so can I! I have been struggling for a while and need to get back on track. Not so easy at times. I will be there right next to you.
    4031 days ago
    So inspired to read this post from you today...yes you CAN do all of this, and it'll be fun to celebrate your progress with you as you go :-)

    I'll be starting C25K training (but finishing it this time, LOL!) as my February/March monthly challenge, and will register for a 5K just as soon as I find one that fills the bill--so far, the only local ones I can find are within the next month or 2, and I need one in April or May so I'll be ready for it. My sis has agreed to race with me, so that'll be fun (and will also ensure I don't back out, LOL!)

    Have a GREAT kick-started weekend!
    4031 days ago
    GREAT job getting back on track !! I had to do the same thing this year !! WE WILL SUCCEED !! emoticon
    4031 days ago
    Welcome back! Great goals and I know you are going to succeed this time. 2010 is going to be a great year for all of us!!
    4031 days ago
  • SWAZY33
    Wendy! Yay for you! Yes, you WILL succeed! And...
    I will be here pushing and cheering you along the way!!
    Let's keep motivating each other!
    2010 is ours!!!
    I need to re-start my C25K program also!!
    .(\ /).(¯`♥´¯).
    .( . .) `*.¸.*´ Hugs,
    c('')('') Kar

    4031 days ago

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