Back on Plan - Day #3

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok, I'm just too thrilled and have to share! Can I really be down 7 lbs. in 2 days back on plan? Yes, I can! Woo Hoo! I was feeling pretty crummy about slip sliding since New Year's Eve, and knew my scale was moving up slowly but surely, but when I weighed in this last Friday, was amazed to see I was up 9 lbs. within the last month!

Although I know that weight really reflected eating excess carbs & fats, plus water retention it was stil that feeling of inflammation of heaviness that brought me to my day of reckoning. I've been reading Dr. A's Habits of Health book over the past couple of weeks, and knew I needed to get back on plan and follow through once again. I set my date of Friday January 15th to recommit and was rewarded by my efforts. Why do I even stray from plan when I eat every 2 hours, feel great and enjoy wonderful healthy dinners with my hubby.

So here I am on Day #3 down 7 lbs. (which was actually my "goal" by next Friday's weigh-in) and feeling great! The first 3 weeks on plan are really about commiting to the 5&1, so I'm not even really focusing on my daily exercise for at least another 10 days or so, and even then I'm going to begin with my stretching DVDs until the beginning of week #4, then getting back into my daily Leslie Sansone workouts and after that adding in my weekly strength training. Again, following the program as it was designed, for steady yet healthy weight loss success.

THIS time I'm following my Medifast plan precisly as outlined, because it works, and is designed specifically for optimal health, nutrition and high fat burning to get you to goal quicker than any other method. I've always been good about tweaking the plan, so now I'm going back to the basics as it is meant to be simple. I'm once again with reach of my goal weight, and hopefully will be moving on to Phase 2 - Maintenance within the next 4 weeks or so. Day #3 here I come!
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