How many times can I start over????

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am beginning to feel like I start over more than anything else. I have started this diet/woe/new plan like a hundred times. Every time is "the time". Every time feels like it will be it. And every time something happens and I lose my focus and I am back to square one.

I was doing great! I was exercising every day, and doing both cardio and strength training. I was staying within my calories. I was feel fabulous. And then it happened. My moms family comes into town and they want to eat out and next thing you know I am back up 5lbs and off track and miserable AGAIN. And so I am telling myself I will start again. I am ready again. It is all in my head right? I mean, I should be able to mess up one meal and not have a weeks worth of crap right? One meal though sets it off in my head. Next thing you know I am going crazy and craving everything. I have stayed in my range (the highest end possible) for the most part. But when my exercise is minimal it doesnt make any difference. I am still having too much.

Ok, so lets try again.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is THE day. Tomorrow is when I start over. No more food for the rest of the night.
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    I think it all has to do with timing. Life has many paths starting over just means taking another path. Thanks for posting. I read it and thought wow how similar are we. ONE day and ONE challenge at a time. D
    4125 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5095136
    I thought I just read my own post!!! Been there, done that...I am sure there are many of us on SP thinking the same thing. But just remember, you're here now, so that's something positive! This is the best site I've ever found, I am actually trying. It's tough, and most of us will always have to watch our diets and exercise, but we're here to keep you motivated!! emoticon
    4125 days ago
    Oh girl. I can TOTALLY relate to this! I think I have started over 472 times. Each time being THE TIME.

    I think this time is f'realz. LOL. I don't want to start over anymore. I want THIS time to be IT. If I screw up I know that it's okay and that all I have to do is just hunker down and do better the next day. I try not to beat myself up over it. It's going to happen. Hopefully, less often than ever!

    My problem is getting my exercise in. I just have to get over myself and DO IT.

    I know you can totally do this! You've got it girl!

    4125 days ago
    emoticon As many times as you want!
    4125 days ago
    When I realize that I slipped I start over right then. Don't wait until tomorrow. Start over right away. I find that when I tell myself that I'll start over tomorrow that it's just an excuse to keep having a lousy rest of the day. And you can keep starting over whenever you need to do so. Thank goodness there's no limit on restarts.
    4125 days ago
    Never give up on yourself =)
    4125 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    As many times as it takes to get it done!
    4126 days ago
    Its the facts of life!! I guess its the hardest thing to get used to!! I've been in the same boat!! I guess if food is our addiction we will be dealing with this the rest of our lives! Lol I know we can do it! We are worth it and I'm sure it will get easier when we fit n fine!! emoticon
    4126 days ago
  • PATTYS74
    Hey Cheryl, I start over again and again as well. Many of us do. As long as you start again that is what is important. Never give up. emoticon
    4126 days ago

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  • 123CHRISTY
    I am with you!! I am so tired of saying that I am starting again. I starting using the terms "I had a setback" instead. You see we are always on a journey. We just aren't always moving forward. Just call your little off track time a setback and get back moving on the right track. :)
    4126 days ago
    Answer to "how many times"? "As many times as it takes." We succeed by never giving up. One good decision at a time, one day at a time.

    Only way to win is to never give up! emoticon You're worth it!
    4127 days ago
  • DAWN_B
    me too. I notice that as long as I keep starting over, though, the quicker I get back on track and the easier it is. So keep starting over!
    4127 days ago
    I am with you on this one! I keep starting over and will keep restarting until I finally get it right. 1 step back, 2 steps forward...we will get there!
    4127 days ago
    One more time than you give up, that's how many. :) emoticon
    4127 days ago
    Until you get it right!
    4127 days ago
    Stay with it. We all've seen that in the challenge. Just hang in there and you'll be fine. emoticon
    4127 days ago
    Just the fact that you know what sets you off is the first step! Where do you plan to go from there?
    4127 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    Emotional Eating is difficult to overcome. And doable. Don't put yourself into situations that you can't control until you deal with the emotions that are haunting you that are triggered by relatives.

    We start over every second. Starting over doesn't start in the future, it starts NOW.
    4127 days ago
    I feel the same way!! I was gaining and losing the same 10 lbs forever- and finally I decided- enough is enough- and I quit eating sweets all together (its been 17 days :) !!) and I also cut out "cheat meals"- Y- because they threw me off COMPLETELY- and one bad meal turns into a bad weekend and 5-8 lbs later... well you get my drift!!

    I have lost 11.3 lbs since January 1st!! all because I decided- YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!! YOUR WORTH IT!

    every time I see a cake or cookies- I just tell myself- I can make those on another day - those arent the last cookies in the world! and I move on- after a couple of days you dont even think about it- IN FACT I am now afraid of eating one now- cuz I might binge LOL its been so long LOLOL!!!

    Your NOT alone in this!!! there are SO many of us who have been right where you are!! you have NO clue how many !!! I have started over all year last year- dont be discouraged!!! YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!!

    I am here for you! whenever- just let me know!!

    4127 days ago
    How many times can you start over? As many times as it takes. Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. This is your life, not a quick fix, so if you need to try again, then go ahead and try again. I agree that you try thinking about changing today not tomorrow. I find that helps. Don't wait until "tomorrow" to try again, if you "mess up" for dinner, don't have dessert or make sure to get some cardio in that night, etc.

    - Josie
    4127 days ago
  • JAMIEW3700
    I feel the exact same way..but as long we jump right back into it, we are working on it. Its when we give up for good that it becomes the problem!

    I am right there with you,, starting over tommorrow...we can do this!!

    I am learning to not beat myself up over it....take it one day at a time! get through the day and worry about the next when it gets here.

    dont be too hard on yourself, you are amazing and i know you will bounce right back into it. GOod luck:)

    p.s being here and posting a blog means you havent given up!!
    4127 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2010 11:34:21 PM
    Never give up. Start using the word "today" instead of "tomorrow". TODAY is the day for you.
    4127 days ago
    it is not a is way of living.

    4127 days ago
    There is no limit on starting over. I have done it a million times!! You can do this.
    4127 days ago
    How ever many times it takes! You can do this if you keep trying, you surely can't if you don't!
    4127 days ago
    Doesn't matter how many times we have to start over all that matters is that we do it emoticon
    4127 days ago

    I just finished my vision collage & I put a great quote on it by Thomas Edison. "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."

    I put a picture of my collage on my sparkpage with my photos, if you would like to see it. You should make one. It helps keep you focused on why you are doing this.
    4127 days ago
    But you haven't given up - congratulations! Right there you've declared yourself a winner. Every day is a new start, when you think about it - don't let the yesterday define who you are today.
    4127 days ago
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