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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For the last week I have not tracked anything. I was tracking EVERYTHING, but this last week nothing at all. So I decided that I must track it all again. My reasons (not that you all need them, I just need to remind myself) are:

1)To make sure I am within my calorie range.
2)To make sure I am burning enough calories.
3)To see where I can improve in my meal planning.
4)To make sure I am eating enough of the right foods (enough veggies for instance).
5)To keep me focused and accountable.

Fortunately I have had to figure it out in my head still (although my head and the reality may not always be the same) because of my Buddy Challenge. But I really need to just lay it all out again each day. That is one of the good things with this site. I have the ability to lay it out and track it all. I would be dumb to not use it all the time.

So there we have it. Back to tracking.

On a side note, I am still pretty sick. I am going to the dr tomorrow. I am now dealing with an earache, sore throat, swollen tongue and jaw, pain in my stomach, and my newest thing...heartburn in the middle of the night. I think each day that I have avoided this illness has lead me to a new symptom. I also have this red patch on my tongue. I was reading some stuff online and I think one thing that may come up tomorrow is a vitamin b deficiency. I seem to have all the symptoms of that. And I am pretty sure that I have an ear infection or infection in my throat causing the earache. Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow.
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