No longer overweight!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

My scale showed another 1# loss this morning - and I was thrilled to see the number 136.5 show on my scale. It's been years, and a range I have strived towards as I'm getting much closer to goal and a weight that is comfortable for me. I was even more enthused when I entered my numbers and found out I was finally @ 24.9% BMI on the charts for my height and am now out of the "overweight" zone and have entered the "healthy" range.

Two important goals for me have been to have a waist of less than 32 inches and to reach 24.9 BMI - and after less than 4 weeks on plan I am there! I'm still going strong with my plan, as I feel great and am not quite to where I want to be with my fat loss, but today I can rejoice knowing that I've met goals to increase my health and self-confidence. Down 12.5 lbs. in 23 days, this may be the month I finally reach goal! Woo hoo!

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