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Sunday, February 07, 2010

A is for my middle name: Ann

B is for my dad's name Bob... I got my warped sense of humor from him!

C is for cuddling with my Grandson

D is for determination: I'm determined to reach my goal!

E is for enthusiasm. I love living life with enthusiasm...it is a good way to live!

F is for Friends....I don't think anyone can have to many!

G is for goofy...something I love being. Don't take life so serious!

H is for my hometown: Paton.

I is for Iowa....I LOVE IOWA even though our weather is rough!

J is for jewel: Birth stone is a diamond

K is for Kashi Pizza....to die for!

L is for loved ones. My husband and my kids are my life!

M is for my Mother Marjorie. She is 86 and so spunky!

N is for never say never...think positive as much as you can!

O is for opportunity...keep your avenues open for new opportunity!

P is for Peace... it is essential to our lives...Make peace with yourself and others.

Q is for Quiet....Sometimes nothing sounds so good after a week of a phone tied to my ear!

R is for my name Ruth....it is my Mom's middle name as well.

S is for sex...before menopause I LOVED IT! WOO HOO!

T is for my maiden name Teeters....it is German

U is for Unity...Something I pray that our world could attain.

V is for Values...Good values is so very important to be all you can be in this world

W is for winter...IT SUCKS!

X is for x rated something Kelly wants to be LOLOL! couldn't reist!

Y is for a very special three letter word... YOU!

Z is for zany....that b me!

Copy and paste this into a blog and lets all your spark friends get to know you:)
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