All Stressed up and No place to go....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well all I can say is THANK GOODNESS IT IS SATURDAY. Last week was a precursor to an all time low week this week! I finally hit bottom... I think that driving 50 mile round trips on icy highways everyday , no sun, snow almost everyday and blowing snow, super frigid temps, loss of work due to the weather on top of another demanding and busy season of phone calls from some mighty rude people finally got the best of me this week.
I guess you could say I kinda lost it a little....

I found myself trembling inside by the time I would get to work and almost every trip to work was between 45 minutes and an hour of treacherous driving. In normal driving conditions that trip would usually only take me 25 minutes at the very most. By the time I would get to work it would be time to get on the phones and our first shipments of this cold season haven't been going well. So I would stay nerved up most of the day and then another crazy drive home at night. Wednesday night they pulled the snow plows off and I had to run errands after work. Well it was starting to get dark and the snow had drifted across the highway. I drove in the left lane almost the whole way home at one point I couldn't tell if what I was seeing in front of me was blowing snow or a huge drift and by the time I got up on it....it was to late to slow down. It was a HUGE drift that came up to my car windows and I put the pedal to the medal and pushed my little Chevy Malibu through it. Thank God it made it and by the time I got home I was a nervous wreck and cried for an hour. Cabin fever and SAD has gotten a hold of me this winter and I am finding it hard to shake them. I have been staying true blue to my nutrition and my exercise and wouldn't you know on top of everything else I get on the scales today and it said I gained 2 pounds. Perfect ending to a perfectly SCREWED week!

I went through my check list...
No emotional eating
No giving into cravings
No excuses on exercising

So what the hell was this weight gain? I know Cortisol can play a huge roll in weight loss and the last two weeks I have peaked out on stress to the point of tightness in my chest. Yes I called my doctor and she did give me some meds to help my nerves. Usually working out helps relieve stress and gives me a boost but that didn't even help this week. So I need to get my mojo working for me again. So I made a list of things I am going to try to get done this week for myself:
1) Think of my driving dangers as an adventure instead of a pain in the butt
2) Start thinking more positive instead of letting myself get into a rut
3) Tell myself winter is nearly over....tis the light at the end of the tunnel
4) think "FISHING" OH YEA!!
5) Try some new exercises to freshen up my program
6) Try some new healthy foods
7) Be kind to myself and reward myself for my acheivements
8) Stop being so hard on myself...I AM human and things don't always go our way!
9) Give myself more "ME" time as I have forgotten to do that in a BIG way
10) Count the blessings in my life

That should give me something to think about besides my nerves this week. Now I would like to hear from you guys.

What do you do in your down times to get yourself feeling better about life?

I am all ears.....
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    I am right there with you on the driving in snowy/icy roads is very stressful!! If possible take a brisk walk when you get to work. Can you go somewhere and do a bit of regrouping/exercises (conference room)?

    Something I have found that helps me TREMENDOUSLY is writing down things I am thankful for everday. I started a post on one of my teams and I post something I am thankful for everyday. It is amazing what you can come up with. It instantly makes me feel better! If you don't feel like sharing them with the spark world -- maybe write them down in a journal or something.

    4179 days ago
    I certainly hope that you had a relaxing weekend after THAT week!!! After driving in those conditions, and probably white-knuckling it the entire way to work, you were most likely stressed to the max! How many more weeks of this crappy weather?? I hope that this week is better for you!
    4179 days ago
  • CGREEN717
    I'm sorry that stress and SAD are bringing you down. I hope the torture ends very soon for you. Stress can be a weight factor too.
    There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.
    4180 days ago
    I do understand, sweetie! When I was teaching, I had one particularly hellacious year. The principal was a tyrant, I was stuck teaching yearbook (a HUGE yearbook, with some prima donnas on the staff), and by winter break I was absolutely miserable. I spent the 2 week break looking for inner happiness, and I thought I had found it when the break ended. As I pulled into the teachers parking lot for the inservice day before classes restarted, I took one look at the building....and burst into tears. There I sat, in the teachers parking lot, crying uncontrollably and thinking, "I HAVE to get out of this!" I decided at that point that I needed to change schools or professions, but I had to get out of there. I wiped my tears and walked to my classroom feeling the strength of knowing I would take positive action (which I did...I changed schools).

    I also was a customer service manager and dealt with cranky customers. It's tough when you do everything right, but find you're on the firing line because of circumstances beyond your control (in my case, the company drop shipping didn't hustle, the post office or UPS took their sweet time, or it was on backorder). Some customers made me smile, and others yanked the smile right off of my face.

    There are several things I do to find my smile again. Your list is a good idea. The most important thing I do is deflate the power of whatever is getting to me. For instance, once I was working with a particular bully. She nagged me every day and got me so riled! Then one day I made myself face the fact that she was voicing her opinions and if I didn't hear her words, it wouldn't get to me and frankly...her words really didn't matter. So the next time she went on a rant (right in my face, mind you) I mentally blocked her out, heard none of her words, and visualized myself saying, "la, la, la...I can't hear you." It was so funny it made me smile...which ticked her off....and she turned and stormed off. Every time it got easier until she finally gave up when she realized I wasn't reacting.

    The other thing I do is focus on all the positives. I try not to give any thought time to the negative. That's easier said than done, I know, but if I'm busy laughing at the thought of my car being a little Pacman in a snowstorm road, a slide seems funnier and a snow drift is worth at least a gazillion points!

    Maybe you need to get a little bobblehead and some other funny things to decorate your cubicle. When the icky customers are on the phone, you can tap the bobblehead as you're saying, "Yes...yes...I understand." And then...if you can...find some way to provide comedic relief to at least one other co-worker. When they smile, you'll find it easier to smile....and that's a double win.

    And just know that the cranky customers probably thought as they dialed your number, "Oh great...now I gotta call the hatchery....one more thing in my lousy day." Sometimes a good old "Bless your heart" does a world of good. It usually works on me!

    And the surefire way to find your smile again is with your many Spark Sisters. We're here for ya, girl! YOU ROCK!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4180 days ago
    Hopefully you're a little less stressed by now. I find that scheduled lazy time and adequate sleep helps enormously. Hmmmm . . . . I have a book that I need to go read now!

    Enjoy your evening!
    4181 days ago
  • JEANNE229
    Ruth, that sounds awful! Last winter we had one just like that, and often the roads were drifted closed on the days I HAD to be to work for deadlines.

    I survived. But I didn't LIKE it at all! Spring is on the way kiddo!

    4181 days ago
    You did have a week from hell doll! I jus tkeep telling myself it will be over soon and spring is just around the corner!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4181 days ago

    AMY emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4181 days ago

    Geez Ruth, talking about the crap hitting the fan!!!

    You've got to think "teflon coating" have a mental Margarita, hell have a couple of real ones!!

    I find music does wonders for me, I have a huge library of ambient/world music which always chills me out, that and the peace and quiet of my room.

    I must admit I don't, as a rule get stressed about anything, if I start to feel like things are piling on top of me I get in the garden. It's amazing what dirt under the fingernails can do for you.

    Hope you are chilling out now.

    an> emoticon

    4181 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    I got stressed for you just reading about your commute. Sounds hellish. I find playing with my dog relaxes me. I know from previous posts that you have quite a few pets to choose from, lol. I will keep you in my prayers that things will get better for you.
    4181 days ago
  • MTNHIKER1971
    Good googa mooga Ruth, your adventure sounded like something from Raider's of the Lost Ark....

    Snow drifts, nerves and drama "oh my", when things tend to hit all at once, i have a little "I can't take it anymore breakdown." then regroup. Write a list of the problem areas, and handle the easier ones first by writing steps on how I'm going to overcome this particular problem.

    Taking time out for you is important, relaxation.

    Tai Chi, highly recommended, here's a good link for free clilps to try:


    I've always been into movie soundtracks, and there are many that are very relaxing, even rather moody that for some strange reason, helps calm your nerves. From the top of my head:

    The Hours by Phililp Glass

    You can find some clips from the soundtrack here:

    Somewhere in Time is also very nice to listen to:


    You gotta blow off some steam before the steam blows up you...

    Love ya kiddo, and I hope this helps out some...

    4181 days ago
    I am sending you some spring! Go to: http://www.procreo.jp/labo/labo16.h
    Click your mouse anywhere (& everywhere) on the page & see what happens!
    Better yet, click (hold down) & drag your mouse over the black page...

    Just keep in mind we are on the down side of winter.
    4181 days ago
    I play with my cats. I listen to music. I Spark. I enjoy a glass of wine. I exercise. I read books and magazines. Not necessarily all at the same time!

    Girl, I'm surprised you don't have your power tools out creating something. Go online and find some crafty things you can do with your grandson (Try Kaboose and BillyBear4Kids). Make Valentines with him this weekend! Make a spring collage from seed catalogs!

    Be careful out there on those nasty roads. My car went out of control fishtailing on a sidestreet today with cars on either side of my...and a man shoveling one out. I was only going about 5mph! I held my breath and gripped the wheel and somehow straightened out. I'll probably be out of school again Tuesday, another 4-8 inches coming Monday into Tuesday...on top of the mess that's out there. There are snow piles up to second story windows in South Philly! I luckily have a driveway.

    Hang in there, that first crocus is preparing to launch! emoticon
    4181 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    I Spark! It is the only thing that works these days...
    4181 days ago
    I like NATF's idea! I'll be praying for you--what a horrificly stressful week/month for you!! Hang in there my friend. Love the graphics as usual!
    4182 days ago
    "What do you do in your down times to get yourself feeling better about life?" Jello shots off of the rock hard abs of an Abercrombie and Fitch model I kidnapped at the mall.

    If that doesn't help, I journal privately and pray for the burr to leave my butt someday. It eventually works its way out.
    4182 days ago
    Music! It is music for me - it totally transports me from life's stresses. Get out that classical guitar and play around with it, or sing, or both. emoticon

    Or do some painting emoticon or drawing - or writing.

    Something that takes your mind in a different direction than work or SAD or snow drifts or cars. Something pleasant that you can totally immerse yourself in. Get your creativity involved.

    4182 days ago
    Wow..How about a bottle of rum..whew...boy you remind me not too long ago living up north working 80 hours a week..burn out plus the driving..and snow boy I haven't had a bad depression since moving to florida..I use to locked myself in the bathroom and just soak with some candles..don't worry about the weight you did everything right and stress will definitely hold it...when everything is stressed your body holds on to everything...sometimes sweetie just breathing is all you can do...wish I had more to offer..but know this too shall pass...have a really funny movie something to make you really belly laugh..or some really good sex use your imagination..got any toys????? just trying to get a little smile emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4182 days ago

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