A Valentine Orgy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whoops! I left out the words "French Toast" from my title!

Here's what I'm talking about! A French Toast Orgy!

French Toast Recipe Ingredients

For the toast
Loaf of Italian Bread sliced at an angle
2% milk
I use granulated artificial Sweetener

Dip & cook your Toast

Add the toppings
Granola or whatever - I used Organic Flax w/ Pumpkin seed & Raisin
Sprinkle with Cinnamon & Powder Sugar or Sweetener
Top off with Low Cal Yogurt and Syrup

I 1st had this dish in San Francisco, California. My daughter was at college in upstate Humboldt County (Redwood Forest). We flew over at end of final semester for a (2) week run of California. I read about this place on a bulletin board handwritten flyer. The story of the little restaurant seemed intriguing and off the beaten path. As it said, desolate section lock your cars and don't leave valuables in sight. But promised the best breakfast you have ever been served in all of the USA. Those of you that know me know that adventure runs in my blood.
The next morning we headed over. OMG. Desolate was for sure. An old small business district filled with vacant buildings not far from the Sutra Baths at the coast. We found the joint and was surprised to see in the middle of this vacant run down business district a little (1) window place with a screen door. A screen door! We entered to find not more than 15 or 20 tables and the place was packed. We were seated at a cloth covered table with cloth wrap utensils and handed a paper handwritten menu. Each of us ordered a different dish and they all had crazy names. Mine was the French Toast Orgy. It was Twice the size of my picture above. It was the best breakfast I ever had in my entire life and I doubt it will ever be topped.
Everyone's breakfast was just as outstanding and unusual as mine. None of us were able to eat more than half so we all took to go plates and had the leftovers for our roadside lunch as we headed on down the coast that day toward Los Angeles. What a treat that was.

Now we always fix French Toast Orgy on Special Days like today as it brings back special memories of a very special trip.

Happy Valentines!
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