Blue Thursday

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursdays are usually always nice due to the simple fact that it's Nick's guaranteed one day off. Well, not today. He left for his 9:45 doctors appointment early to go to work, where he then went again after the doctors appointment. Then we tag teamed taking a car over to the Morse Road dealership, so we grabbed lunch at Easton, nice because we'd been pining for some 5 Guys for several weeks now. I think, hey, my MacBook has been having keyboard/touch pad driver issues, I'll pop into the Apple store and get it fixed. THREE HOUR WAIT. I sign up for a slot thinking we'd shop a bit (Nick's mom had an Eddie Bauer card we get to use) and get Nick's shoes taken care of and come back.

So we do just that, shop a bit, eat, then drive over to Road Runner. They really took care of Nick's special 7.5EE feet and we got him a great pair of running shoes. I was having fun, but it so bothered me because I DO run, I will be running all summer, and I don't get new shoes until who knows when. While Nick wants to run a 5K, whether or not he does probably depends more on me than I'd rather think about, and the idea of Nick continuing with running as something he derives satisfaction out of....well..........So while I like to see him taking care of himself, buying good shoes, etc...on some level it feels massively unfair. Mind you, his mom is reimbursing him, so it's not coming out of our money, thus why it is even possible in the first place. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I feel invisible, neglected...hmm, what other adjectives could I come up with? But wait, it gets better! *sarcasm*

So we left Road Runner with enough time to get back to Easton for my appointment at Apple. But Nick's phone rings two minutes out of the store; he has to go back to the dealership. So I still haven't resolved the issue with my computer. I then thought I'd be nice and wait for him to finish whatever it is at work, as 'it will just be a few minutes' nope, he texts me to tell me to go home. Then five minutes later he's walking home anyway- but he needs to go to the UPS store to mail something next day for work. So I take him, because he doesn't know where the nearest UPS store is located. On our way there, his phone rings *again* and after he mails the package, back to the dealership he goes. Well here it is nearly 6 o'clock at night and he's still there. At least the dealership is only open for two more hours? X_X

I want to go to the gym tonight (sort of....) but I bummed up my right leg playing Just Dance with Kori for like, 45 minutes, yesterday. It hurts all the way from my hip down and is really uncomfortable, but nothing serious. I also just want to sleep at this point. I'm tired of money and all these strains. I was thinking about it, and seriously, on one level or another, money has been an issue for the past year. First it was going to London, then it was the wedding, now it's unemployment plus the car market is dead. I keep trying to think how in x amount of time it will be better, things will be good, but seriously, how much more will I have to go through? I feel like everything is coming apart and somehow I'm suppose to be chipper, and interview well, and lose 80 pounds, go the gym all the time, eat fantastically and pay all my bills on time, when I don't feel like I can do a single one of those things right now.

At least I have lunch at the North Market with some of you awesome Sparkers tomorrow!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    Sorry your Thursday was so rotten =/ Did you at least get your computer fixed up?

    I think your other commentors already summed up the rest of my sentiments.
    3812 days ago
    With all this pink around how can you be blue? LOL

    I remember my year in the car sales business; it sucked big time.

    Glad that RR gave you guys some great service and got Nick some new shoes. Could momma-san possibly buy you new shoes now as an early birthday gift? Just a thought.

    Looking forward to meeting you in the 'real' world in a few hours. See ya at the east entrance.
    3813 days ago
    At least you got to spend the day with Nick....

    Sorry today didn't turn out as expected, must be something in the air.

    Enjoy your lunch tomorrow.
    3813 days ago
    Sorry you had such a blue Thursday. Sounds like you are going to have an exciting Friday though with some of your fellow Sparkers.

    Keep your chin up!
    3813 days ago
    Take one thing at a time. It's hard but just think of one problem once that's sorted get onto the next. As for the interviews just be your charming self & I'm sure you'll do finexx emoticon Things will get better
    3813 days ago
  • TRICIA0623
    Sorry you are feeling blue.

    Maybe don't focus on doing EVERYTHING, but on one or two small things each day.

    No one can do it all all the time.
    3813 days ago
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