What a Friday :P

Friday, March 05, 2010

So seriously, I went to bed at like 7:30 last night. I kind of know Nick got home after eight, but that's it. I slept forever. He was suppose to work at 10, but left early for some reason. He made me (or continued?) grumpy saying how we could have lunch together. My calendar is RIGHT in FRONT of his valet. Really???? It says 'Lunch - North Market' on today, grrrrr. So I wouldn't tell him and he had to go look at the calendar.

However, I ended up having lunch with him anyway. Coz I couldn't have lunch at the North Market. I spent over half an hour trying to park and just gave up. Took a pile of stuff to 1/2 Price Books. Not usually 'report' worthy except I had an AWESOME find. I was looking the 'self-help' part, usually that's where etiquette related materials are. They had a huge pile of Peter Posts' (great-grandson of Emily Post) Essential Manners for Couples, which I was on my 'buy a copy' list since I had gotten it from the library. I pull a copy down, $6, tempting. I open it. Insert jaw drop. I set it down and check a couple other copies....okay, no, I'm not making this up, this isn't like, printed in the book......
There was a signed copy in the pile!!!!! So totally worth six bucks!!! Plus, I was getting 5 for my stuff, and had a 10% off coupon, which means.....
I paid 74 cents for a signed copy, lol. For a protocol freak like me, that's just epic.

Ran tons more errands, had lunch with Nick, even drove the car through a car wash, wooohooo. Then I went to see Mom, who was home sick today. It was nice getting to chill with her; plus, last weekend she rearranged the entire first floor of the house, including switching a pair of bookcases from upstairs with the ones downstairs- by herself!!!! She's 58, good lord! What was she thinking??? "I had the Mr. Mover feet..." Uh huh. I had to finally bum some money off her so that I can pay to defer my Sallie Mae loans again X_X I felt so bad; it wasn't a ton of money or anything, but geez, I've been more or less self-sufficient since I was 16.

At 5:45 I had an appointment at the Apple store as my sweet little black MacBook was having issues. The whole keyboard/touch pad was randomly freezing up, and almost always when it was coming out of sleep mode. I was thinking driver corruption, but the genius guy wanted to service it, but I'd have it back in a couple of hours. He noticed the strange splinter that had come off the housing a year or so ago. I have another friend whom had the same thing happen on her MacBook so I thought nothing of it. When I picked it up an hour and a half later, that had completely replaced the bottom housing on my MacBook, including touch pad and keyboard! It's all squeaky new sounding, and the no more gap from the splintered housing! Yay!!!!

Also saw my brother and his girlfriend, who always has her Whimerhiner Ruka with her. This time when I walked in the door, there were two of them! She breeds Ruka, and she had one of her girl puppies (though it's almost as big a Ruka now!) with her. Ruka is generally a good dog, but not really a great dog. Next to Gracie, my mom's 7.5 year old Shi Tzu, she's looks pretty wild. Gracie my look prissy with a full coat and all, but she's sweet and uber well behaved. Mom took her to training and the teacher was mean and said how small dogs were a waste of time to train because they wouldn't do anything, and people generally think Shi Tzu's are stupid. Gracie was the best in her class, lol. Mom can even set treats and food in front of her and she won't take it until you tell her she's allowed ^_^

Now I'm home, with a happy clicky MacBook and my autographed copy of Manners for Couples! Time to go soak my sore leg- I really messed it up on Wednesday! My biggest sad moment is lunch. I so want to meet all of you in the Cbus area!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    !!!! I love that you got a signed copy of that book!!!!
    3810 days ago
    Sorry that you couldn't make it on Friday! We will certainly have other meetups & lunches - weekends (as especially weekends when the ASF isn't in town) are always better for parking.
    3811 days ago
    Woo! that's awesome. I should probably read that book... mmm..

    I hope your leg is feeling better sooner rather than later...

    I'm going to have to google Ruka :D it sounds like a neat dog.
    3812 days ago
    Glad you got your computer fixed.

    Sorry you couldn't find a parking spot. I should have given you my cell so that if anything came up. We'll all meet up again some other time; maybe Nick can join you as well.

    WTG on the book find!
    3813 days ago
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