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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have to get this off my chest. Last night I saw a friend of mine who decided to make a change with her weight. So she decided to buy the Acai Drink??? I don't understand exactly what that will do for her. Then she decided to get on a no sugar, very low carb diet. I think she can have like 15g of sugar a day and no more than 30g of carbs. Are you serious!!! When I saw her she was obviously not feeling well at all. She said she's been very angry, depressed, hot tempered, nauseated, severe headaches, achy, and extremely weak. She's been on this for almost 2wks.

I looked at her and said "Honey, this isn't healthy!" If you are feeling this awful, you may drop some water weight and a few extra pounds but your body is going into starvation mode. As soon as you begin to eat normally again, you will gain it all plus some more. I have been on my journey for the last 2yrs and lost 40pounds. Now I have 40-50more to go, but I have been successful. She looks at me like I have no clue what I am talking about! REally??? So frustrating.

People are so desperate, that they do the most idiotic things. Why would you continue if you are feeling that awful? Makes no sense to me. I told her to eat healthy and clean, she will lose the weight. Do you think she'll listen....no.

So frustrating!
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  • no profile photo CD2644837
    UGh! That is so frustrating!
    But you are a good friend for trying to tell her what's best for her.
    One day she'll come back asking for your help. :)
    4156 days ago
    I completely agree. It can be scary though to hear someone say that eating right and adding exercise has actually.... worked!! It's almost like I wouldn't have believed it myself if I didn't see it. I was absolutely dumbfounded to see myself lose 20lbs by eating right, tracking calories, exercising (i.e. participating in Spark!)! But, I can tell you when I was much younger doing some really stupid things (fad dieting) if I had had a friend reach out to me and give me that support I would hope the younger me would have jumped on it. Good for you for supporting your friend! Hopefully she will think your advice over and talk with you again!
    4157 days ago
  • TBABY912
    you said it right! the "spark" MUST go off and it's not something we can do for others. it only happens from within.
    4159 days ago
  • 13-1GIRL
    I so agree!! I have 2 friends doing the HCG diet(only can have 500 cal per day & then 2 drops of this hormone under your tongue)..I am scared of the hormone thing and what happens when you stop??? YOU are doing awesome.
    4160 days ago
    The quick fix cure always gets people, I've bought into it before, but realize it isn't the way to go. Good job speaking up and telling her how it is! She may have that ahha moment, may not, but at least you were honest with her.
    4160 days ago
    Everyone is looking for a quick fix. And a quick fix just doesn't exist. Some would rather be miserable for 2 months and lose some weight than do it the right way and lose the weight over time. The difference is exactly what you said, she will end up gaining it back plus some probably. You can at least say you tried to steer her in the right direction.
    4160 days ago
    It will never change. People are ALWAYS looking for a quick fix. I mentioned I could fit into my daughter's jeans and people are coming out of the woodwork on FB wanting to know how. My big secret....ta ta ta da... consume less, burn more. DUH!

    Everybody thinks they "can't" eat that way, "can't" exercise like that. Ok, 'cause we can because we are SUPER people! Oh, puleez somebody call the WAAAAAmbulance!
    4160 days ago
    Some people do not do much research and it really hurts them on the long run......I am so proud of you for trying to help her.... HUGS
    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

    It took me month to learn to eat right and I am still learning....
    4160 days ago
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