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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whew, another week flies by! Thursday was fun! Nick and I did our taxes, awww, first joint taxes. We're excited to be getting a chunk of money back, but more on that later! Feeling better about everything, we ate out at Carrabba's with a giftcard my mom didn't want. Drank sangria for the first time, yum! Then we walked about the mall. The Cole Haan boutique closed ;_; Had a little fun staring at pretty things in Sephora, only bought an eyebrow pencil, lol. Though Nick bought me a new comfy cardigan at Banana Republic. Saw a CUTE CUTE wrap dress I might go buy during their sale later......Especially if I hit 220 and get my 'buy something pretty' goal. Awful ~3 pounds.....We then met his friend at The Pub! Love that place, though it makes me miss London, heh. Their last round of drinks was scotch, and I tried some, and wow, that was tasty! Threw Nick through a loop because I don't like hard liquor unless it's mixed into super girly drinks, lol.

Friday was good, I cleaned and worked on job stuff for a good while. Lots of job stuff to do next week; go to Forty Plus which my old boss told me about during our lunch Monday, as well as going to a few Toastmasters International meetings to find a group I like! I need to be doing STUFF, ya know? I started c25k again, have my last run of week one tomorrow! Hope I can battle the rain we'll get to make it through my run!!!!! If anyone can tell me a good stretch or something to do to help the tendon that runs down the front of the tibia, please leave a comment!

Today was fun and a little loafy! I got up early (for a Saturday at least...) got Nick to work for his appointment (where he sold his sixth car for the month, talk about Woohoo!!!) and had bagels with my friend Ali. She's an awesome designer who is only a little older than me, married, has a house, good job. I can only hope I'm doing half as well as she is in a few years! Anyway, we got to catch up because the only guarantee of seeing each other is dinner club. Sooo, two awesome things happened! Most immediately, we went to JoAnn's (also known as the domesticated girls crack den) and signed up for the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Class. Ali started the cake classes without me as she got them as a gift from her hubby :( But I can at least take this one with her!!!! Second.....with my share of the tax return, yes I'm going to fix SOMETHING on my car, buy a half decent straightener....and.......Ali and I are going to sign up for the Greater Columbus Rowing Associations Learn To Row Program!!!! It opens up April 1st, it's $400 for the set of two classes that last nearly three months!! An hour an a half twice a week!'s rowing!!!! Depending on how long you've read my blog, you might remember I was going to put this off until next year because of money and I wanted to be thinner when I returned to rowing. But Ali rowed in High School too, and while she didn't enjoy it as much as I did, she wants to row again, especially since she didn't know there were clubs here (she grew up in Cincy).

So, I have until the first week of June to at get at least my lower half thinned out so I don't have to worry about fitting in a boat :P That would be AWFUL and HUMILIATING! But rowing would really get the weight off, that's for sure! Plus Ali said aside from our two session a week, we could go back and use the erg (rowing machine to most people) room once a week, and go on the metro park weekend hikes! I will have to miss a week in August while we're in the OBX, but I don't mind so much as the second half is sweep rowing, and that's what I did with Westerville Crew. Even at this weight, my form still rocks ^_^ I'm not too worried about sweep rowing! (btw, for non-rowers, sweep rowing is using one oar in a boat of four or eight people, while sculling is with two oars, with either one or two people a boat).

*excited* Now to just get some employment!!!
emoticon Thanks for reading! I'm excited to see your comments ^_^ No pressure!
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    Wow, rowing? That's really going to give you some 'Obama' Arms (as I like to call them) hehehe

    Maybe to save face, you could go talk to the instructor or facility and ask to see the boats to see whether or not you'd fit? It's a lot easier to be humiliated in front of 1 person rather than the whole class @_@; I had a scare when Jeff and I went to an amusement park the whole time. I was like 'I can't ride that! I won't fit!' and that made me really really motivated to lose weight. It turns out I -did- fit, so I think you'll fit too :)

    And YAY! for tax returns!! I very nearly had to pay in this year but I asked my accountant to review my handy work and he found something I missed so I actually get a refund. I'm relieved.
    3797 days ago
    You sound so motivated that's great & also that you're able to start your rowing earlier than expected! Way to go lady...You'll make it to buy your new dress!xx emoticon
    3801 days ago
    wow those are exciting things going on. I'm so excited about the rowing - and jealous but happy for you. That is fantastic you are going to look AMAZING soon. Good for you!!

    Cooking/baking classes that is fun too. Sounds like you are living quite the life and you deserve the good things that happen.

    Give Nick a high 5 for me for selling that 6th car.
    3801 days ago
  • no profile photo MISSRAMA
    That does sound like a good weekend! I am a bit hurt about the sangria comment! :P
    I'm excited you're going back to an activity you enjoy! That's the best way to lose weight...while enjoying it!
    Good luck on the job hunt!
    3801 days ago
    Josh and I did our joint taxes for the first time this year too! We're getting back a decent little amount too, but don't know what we're doing with it yet.

    I'm so glad you're getting back into rowing! It sounds like it alone will be great exercise. And good luck with the job hunting!

    I so want to take cake decorating classes. I have a few friends who want to as well, so I think when I move back to the area we're going to sign up together. So excited!
    3801 days ago
    Great that you're getting back into the rowing! I'd say that's money well spent on improving you; now some quality running shoes.

    I find a stretch that targets that area is a yoga pose called "upward facing dog." It's designed to stretch the whole front of your body. I'm sure you can Google a video of how to do it.

    I can't wait for summer vacation. We're going to Hilton Head at the end of June. We've got a house right on the ocean and I can't wait to greet the sun with some yoga. I'm also looking forward to seeing some new sights from my bike and taking my running shoes of course. I think that next year we're going to the OBX area; the whole fam damily.

    Have a great Sunday!
    3801 days ago
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