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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ok so I have been holding out on you guys. I am not one to tell all that is going on in this little brain of mine. I don't like to burden people with my problems because everyone has enough trouble of their own. So most of the time I shoulder things that are troubling me all by myself but I am learning to open up since I have been a member here. God gave me two very broad shoulders and he also made me a very strong lady so most of the time I get by. But this winter I caved in and gave into some pretty tough depression problems. There was more to the story then I was telling. My husband as you know is not in a very healthy condition if you read my introduction on my sparkpage. Well because his immune system is compromised by liver disease he has a tough time recovering when he gets sick. He caught cold early this winter and coughed his head off clear up until now. I kept asking him to see the dr but those of you who have stubborn husbands know what I am up against. Mark has smoked for 40 years and I was very scared for him. So every time he coughed I kept getting more and more worried and deeper and deeper depressed. His Doctor who cares for his liver condition has to monitor him very closely as he is very vulnerable to liver cancer now. With all that knowledge I was so afraid that he was in trouble with his lungs. Finally I had taken all I could take and asked my daughter if she could talk sense to him since she has served as an EMT. Well by golly he listened and made an appointment with my asthma doctor. That is where we went this morning.
Now for the spiritual experience...I had been praying for our precious Jersey girl and her hubby and threw in a few words for my hubby while on my knees. This morning I was getting ready to go to the doctor and I felt my insides trembling. I came out in the living room and looked at my knick knack shelf where I keep my collection of happy face trinkets. I have a big round clock with a huge yellow happy face middle. The sun was not shining very good this morning just hit and miss. But when I looked at the clock a ray of sunshine had hit the face of that clock and was so bright it looked like a neon sign. I have NEVER seen any sun hit that clock face in all the years I have had it in that spot because it is in the middle of my kitchen that is rather dark. I knew it was a sign from God that all was going to be just fine. I felt myself settle down and my trembling disappeared. A huge smile spread over my face because I sincerely felt God's presence right there letting me know he was watching over my hubby. It was one of the most awesome moments in my life. The only other time this happened was when my daughter got married and we had her ceremony in a beautiful park. We had built a beautiful alter out of raw cedar. My husband, who is incredibly talented, made the most beautiful cross for the middle of this alter where the minister and the kids would stand for the ceremony. We were staying in the park in one of their cute little cabins....the morning of the ceremony we woke up and looked across the park at the spot where the alter was. The sun was shining sporadically that morning just like today but a ray of very bright sunlight was shining on the cross and illuminating it just like it did on my little happy face clock this morning. I felt at that time that God was blessing the marriage by sending down his love through that ray of sunshine as if to say the marriage was a blessed union and was a very good thing!! I felt that same peace that morning as I did this morning. It was just a feeling that I can't explain.

Well we found out that Mark's lungs were in pretty good condition although my doctor said that the very bottom lobes were showing signs of a chronic condition that is just getting started called COPD. He gave him a very big pep talk and my husband admitted to him that he has had a poor attitude about his life since he was diagnosed with liver disease. My doctor told him he could live a good long life if he takes care of himself and told him that Ruth will help you get your attitude back on track. That made me feel so very good!! My hubby and I had a very long talk and I told him that God has given him yet another chance to take better care of himself and has blessed him another chance to live a longer life. Every day we wake up and greet another day of life is always a good day no matter what the circumstances are of your life. Sometimes we all dwell on the negative things in our life and take very little time to concentrate on all the blessings. This has lifted a HUGE burden off my shoulders and I feel the cloud that has shrouded me lifting! I feel like the weight of the world has lifted from me. I love my husband with all of my heart...the love he has shown me now for nearly 32 years has saved my life in so many ways. I believe in God's love and the power he has to take care of us when our lives seem dark and every path we turn down seems to be a dead end. I was reminded of that this morning when looking at the light that he shined down to tell me things would be ok. When life is getting you down and you feel like you have no place to turn there is one thing you should always tell yourself.....

Life IS good!!
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    Praise God

    Remember that God has brought us into your life for a reason, so lean on us in those times of need. We are here for all things.

    God bless you and your husband.
    4147 days ago
    AMY emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4147 days ago
    Such good news Ruth! I also have a hard headed man who won't listen to me about anything health related. It's the testosterone. I got shivers reading about your moment and am so happy for you. You shoulder entirely too many troubles and it's time for some of them to ease up! At 7:30 this morning I had just finished shampooing rugs and sat down to drink my coffee and channel surfed my way straight to a bullriding competition and watched for a good 15 minutes thinking of you all the time. I started to get up to email you but I was aiming to be out of the house by 9 and didn't want to start sparking....(it's so hard to stop). Although being drawn to a bullriding show is hardly a sign from God, you must admit it is, at least, ironic! Now you take that stubborn bull of yours by his horns and get him to kick the butts! (Yeah, I know, been working on Meowdaddy to do the same for 18 years...I make him go outside!). Enjoy your Sunday! Love, Kim
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    4147 days ago
    "And the Lord said, "Let there be Light, and there was Light." Your testimonial brings a whole new meaning to that statement doesn't it?

    The Lord works in mysterious ways and if we will just let Him, He will be there for us.

    Thank you for sharing your spiritualistic experience. It was heart-warming and another affirmation that the Lord is with us constantly.

    Hugs, Rusty, emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4147 days ago
    Ruth, am so happy you have had a weight lifted off your shoulders. My hubby is like yours and know sometimes they just don't want to listen, admit we are right, or are just afraid of what they will find out. You did the right thing by getting your daughter to talk to him. If she is anything like your mother, maybe he decided 2 vs 1 was not good odds - but cares why he changed his mind - he did it. Hope he thanked you two ladies because, it has to be a weight off his shoulders to know what is wrong and what to do. It does sound like he knows he is blessed to have a lady like you in his life that can as the doc said, help him get his attitude back on track.

    With the signs you have received know you have a good communication line with God but will ask him to give both of you wisdom and guidance to get through this.
    emoticon it is the first day of spring! Enjoy.
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    4147 days ago
    I am so glad you received the signs you needed to get you through the day. Now, tell your manus to buck up, grab life by the hoo ha's and LIVE EVERY DAY!!!
    4147 days ago
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    Ruth, I am glad you shared with us and that your husband is OK. I know he will be fine with you in his corner.
    4147 days ago
    Wow, God is SO good! You know, He let me know this morning that you were in for a blessing--your face came to me very clearly this morning and your name was strong in my mind and on my heart. I learned a long time ago that whenever God does that to me that I am to pray for the person He brought to my heart RIGHT then--so I did. I just felt a peace for you and thought--I'll have to leave a note on Ruth's page! Before I could do that, I saw your blog post so read it first. That is so awesome. I pray God will bless you and your beloved hubby with MANY more happy years together. I am glad to hear that your hubby is going to be alright. Kudos to the doc for giving him that pep talk. emoticon
    4147 days ago
    GOD is good, all the time.
    4147 days ago
    A beautiful blog, and a great testimony! Keep sharing it--someone else needs to hear it and believe what He has done for you He will/can do for them! emoticon
    4147 days ago
    I always tell people to look for "God smiles" and "Heavenly Hugs"..guess you got yours, today! Awesome! emoticon
    4147 days ago
    What a beautiful blog, Ruth! I'm so happy that things are turning around for you! And on the first day of spring, the season of new life!

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    4147 days ago
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