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Sunday, April 18, 2010

As many of you already know I was very busy yesterday cleaning up after my " girls "which is a chicken keepers nickname for their beloved hens that leave more then just "hen fruit" deposits. After a long winter of being stuck inside you can only imagine how deep these fecal deposits get.

So with my trusty scoop, scraper and broom in hand I attacked the job with a vengeance...like I do everything in my life LOL!
After all when you keep lots of farm animals ........

I started the job at 10 AM and didn't get done or shall I be more explicit...wore the hell out around 6 PM. Now don't get me wrong, I did stop and take some breathers for a few minutes, stopped to eat some lunch and also paused to curse the very existence of chicken poo! But one thing that I DID notice that was a very good revelation was I wasn't wearing out nearly as quickly and my back held up at least until that last hour or so.

I did get 3/4 of the job done and plan on finishing the rest today so all my old biddies are happy and clean at least for a while. So my working out and taking better care of myself certainly shined through yesterday and today aside from a few aches and pains I am ready to finish the job. Before I would have spent the entire next few days walking around like a little old lady in distress. SO HOORAY for getting in shape!!!
I had one dilemma though...I came in and tracked my usual nutrition and thought...hmmm now to track my vigorous work out. So I searched for "scooping poop" , "pitching manure" or "cleaning barn" and nothing popped up...Like I actually thought it would LOLOL! So unfortunately this tracker is not completely "farmer friendly" obviously!

So I chose to use shoveling snow since that was the closest thing to

Couldn't find a thing on sweeping or scraping so just had to...

It said I burned 4235 calories and the worst of it was I was to worn out to eat so I am just wasting away as we speak LOL! IN MY DREAMS!
So thanks to SparkPeople and my own regimen of weight lifting and skiing all winter I am in much better shape to do the jobs that need done around here on the farm. So not only do I win by being in better condition but I truly become the connoisseur of poo!

So I will get my poop cleaning clothes on and finish the job today.

And make all my little chicken buddies so happy...
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    Wonder what it would take to make tracker farmer friendly. Have not been tracking but am sure what I have been doing so far this week is not on the list - rock picking, moving seed bags and chemical boxes around plus a few other things. And to think some pay a gym to get the kind of work out we sometimes have on the farm.
    emoticon emoticon
    PS: just noticed they have dump truck emoticon, how about a tractor!
    4077 days ago
    I love your blog! I don't have a coop full of chickens, but I do have five cages of birds (6 Zebra Finch, 2 Society Finch, 1 Canary & 1 Cockatiel) plus a Chinchilla and two flying squirrels. It takes me several hours to go through and clean and disinfect all the cages, so I can only imagine cleaning up after a whole coopful of chickens!
    emoticon emoticon
    4077 days ago
    Great blog. I had a good laugh! I love to work outdoors it is so good for us. Have a great week!
    4078 days ago
    Great blog! I keep looking for the farming chore guide, too. I used shoveling snow for exactly the same thing.

    4078 days ago
    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! You have really had your hands full! Before my time, my Grandfather had a chicken coop, complete with a full complement of hens and all. But when he got where he couldn't keep up with it, my dad stepped up to the bat and cleaned the coop for him. It didn't take too many times doing it, I'm told, that he swore off chicken. Wouldn't touch the stuff! I don't think I've ever seen him eat chicken!! Though he really liked eggs!! (Go figure).
    Personally, I've never had the "pleasure", but I scoop my 2 dogs' poo regularly. It's alot easier and much less smelly as they do their dooty outdoors. hehe
    Hope you have completed the jog and get you some rest and some pleasant aromatherapy!!
    4079 days ago
    Yuck...what a nasty day's work! I've been locked in a chicken coop (by my brother when I was a teenager) The smell alone would have killed me! Great and funny blog! They don't call you Mother Hen fer nuthin'!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4080 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    What a workout!
    4080 days ago
    While I love sparks I have also sometimes used fitday.com to find calorie burns for some activities
    they have 7 choices for shoveling

    6 hours offor example of shoveling grain with moderate effort is 2120 calories
    6 hours of digging ditches is 3277 calories
    4081 days ago
    Love NATF's suggestion of the workout video! LOL! Glad you aren't feeling all granny-like after your workout with the girls--hope the rest of the job goes quickly for you!
    4081 days ago
    Great Workout! Someone commented on a workout video LOL too funny
    4081 days ago
    I can understand what you are saying. While I don't have any chickens our neighbors do and I'm sure it can be a workout to clean out their pen from over the winter. YAY to getting in shape!!
    4081 days ago
    You should make a workout video..."Down Home Workout with the Bird Lady."
    4081 days ago
    How hard did you have to look for those photos? Or do you collect them, just in case you might need them?

    Seriously, it's amazing to me how much work I can get done outdoors without feeling the effects the next day! I might just have a nice looking yard one day!

    Give my best to the girls, remind them that they don't know how good they have it!!
    4081 days ago
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