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Friday, June 18, 2010

I want to give you all a little background. In March we had settled a case for 1.7 million. The owner of the firm was happy & said that he'd give us more bigger cases to work on. Then we went to trial on another case in the end of April. We lost that case. After the case was over, Defense counsel did an interview with a legal newspaper where he trashed our firm & threatened to sue us. The owner of the firm was not happy. The day after the story hit the paper, the owner of the firm was all over my boss. He was picking apart her work & she told me that she had the feeling that we were going to be fired.

The next day she told me that we were fired. I was devastated. She said that she talked to the owner of the firm & he had given us until the end of this month to get new jobs.

Now for a while I thought the firing was to both of us. I have come to find out that only she is being fired & I am being laid off. With her leaving the firm, my position is eliminated. I had been told by 2 different attorney, 2 secretaries & the accountant that I should file for unemployment if I don't find another job. And thankfully the accountant will be talking to the office manager about paying out my vacation time in my last check.

So I didn't really know if I could get unemployment & was really worried. Just yesterday the office manager (who is the one that would either accept or reject my claim for unemployment compensation) spoke to me about jobs. She has asked me before & I told her that I was trying but not having much luck. She asked me again yesterday if I was having any luck. I said no & that I was beginning to get really nervous. I also told her that it's hard to go out on interviews while I'm still working. She told me that if I needed to take a day off to bust out some interviews then to go ahead & do that. I told her that I will do that on Monday considering that I have a dentist appointment at 2pm. Then she said to me "You know Jill, you would just do what everyone else does." I just gave her a blank stare, I had no idea what she was talking about. She said "Go on unemployment." That made my day! She won't contest my claim for unemployment. And that is a really good thing. I know I would win since I wasn't fired but there is a current backlog of 6 weeks for your first check & if I had to fight for my benefits it would just delay the process even more.

Now what I am thinking about doing is taking some time off from work. I haven't had a vacation in 3 years. I have missed a lot of time with my daughter. As a single parent you have to make some hard choices between work & family. And since I am the only income I almost always chose work, sad to say but true nonetheless. My daughter is a junior now. She will be heading to college in no time & I want to take advantage of the little time I have left with her. I plan on doing some day trips with her this summer. There are quite a few places in NJ that we had wanted to go to. Now we will be able to do that. And there's a lot to see here in Center City. I plan on taking trips down here too.

So basically I am looking at this as a blessing in disguise. Sure I won't be working, sure I won't get as much from unemployment as I would from my regular paycheck. But I'm ok with that. If I consider the city wage tax & the fact that I pay for a train pass then deduct those amounts from my paycheck I just might be breaking even.

I am will continue to look for a job during the summer. I have been applying online & have an employment agency trying to help too. By doing that I won't miss out on any opportunity. And I can always give a start date of 2 weeks so my daughter & I can do all that we want to do (daytrip-wise) in those 2 weeks.

Hopefully none of you reading this will feel sorry for me. My boss has been a nightmare to me for a very long time. I had wanted to leave the firm & find another job. The only 2 things that were holding me up was the health insurance (I was using it for some extensive dental work that needs to be done) & the end of the year bonus. I would receive a significant one this year due to settling that one case at 1.7 million. So I'm leaving here earlier that I had originally planned but I'm ok with that. I will miss the health insurance & really miss that end of the year bonus. But I can't do anything to change either so no sense in crying over it.
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    I am sorry to hear about the job. Mostly because I will worry about you. But I totally understand taking the time off between jobs to hang out with your daughter. Day trips sound nice. And I am sure you will find something.

    As you said, you weren't happy there anyways. But I hope they still payout for year end for the big settlement you got. Enjoy the time while you can.

    Btw, I am trying to visit my best friend at the end of summer in Jersey across the way from you. Oh, and WTG! to continuing with your weight loss journey.
    4018 days ago

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  • RICJIL94
    Thanks for the positive feedback. I was hoping that people wouldn't be all over me about taking time off from work. I just want to enjoy my life a little bit & have some fun with my daughter before she graduates high school. My daughter & I have always been really close & I think this summer will just make us even closer.

    It's strange but I am actually looking forward to being out of work.
    4018 days ago
    Good attitude and good luck on your search.
    4019 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Great attitude dude! That is how you have to be with the way things are right now. My husband was unemployed for almost 2 years. In January I was laid off, and within 2 months he found work and now has a great job. So I'm taking advantage of this right now and staying home with my 3 kids this summer. I'll go back to work, and I've actually still been looking, but for now, I'm going to, for once in my life, take a summer to hang out with them and have fun! Good for you!
    4019 days ago
    There is definitely a silver lining in your dark cloud!
    Stay positive,
    4019 days ago
  • ROSE5328
    You've got a great attitude! Good luck to you!
    4019 days ago
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