Monday, June 21, 2010

I HAVE ALSO DECIDED TO STOP ALL FAST FOOD IN THE PAST YEAR. I have done just that but Now a MExican Grocery store is my new problem??I have done the same thing. But, I have 6 months or more. I rarely eat FaST Food anymore. Since I moved I don't eat it anymore. EXCEPT the bad thing is my Church I have been going to is right next to a Mexican Grocery STORE & BAKERY. Bad for me??But now I know what's been happening they have TRes Leche's cakes and breads and I have been eating something everytime I go every WEDS & Sunday??? I am changing me way's now! I support you in your trek to stay off all fast foods! I don't have a car anymore I sold it last month. But, I rarely drove only to the grocery store 3-4times a month. That certainly helps too. I HOPE THAT YOUR SUCESSFUL IN THE FAST FOOD CHALLENGE. I HAVE MASTERED THAT, BUT THE BAKERY ONE THAT I STARTED MIGHT HAVE EVEN GOTTEN WORSE. I started drinking Diet Sodas for the past 2-3yrs. That was working for along time also. But, not when your eating bakery goods 2 times a week.I LOVE YOUR THE IDEA OF STOPPING ALL FAST FOODS IT WAS EASY FOR ME. BUT, BAKERY ITEMS ARE HARDER THAN FAST FOOD.
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