Smiling & Giddy but at a Standstill

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi my SparkPeople! It's been way too long since I've touched bases with you. I'm still hanging in here, getting very close to my original Spark Anniversary date and my rededicated Spark Anniversary. Both are in July. That must be my month of change.

How's my exercising going? Not the best but not the worst either. I'm walking 2-3 miles at least twice a week. I make it to the gym once or twice a week. I know I could do better but I'm being honest. I still haven't given up. I'm just moving in slow motion on this last leg of my race towards my ideal weight. I hope it's true that slow and steady wins...we'll see about that!

My eating sucks! I'm eating many things that I need to avoid but the weight has not caught up with me yet. I know I've got to do better and I will. I must think I'm on vacation from my program just like I am from college. I better get it right and get it tight. LOL.

Right now my weight is kind of stuck. It may fluctuate a pound or so from day to day but it's basically on pause. I know what it takes to kickstart it again but I haven't been as disciplined as I need to be in order to accomplish my goals. I will be though. I can feel it in my bones!

I'm being courted by a nice man...yes, I said being courted and he has been taking me out to eat too much. I told him last night that we should make dates to go walking or jogging or maybe a gym date. He can get with it or I'll have to see him when I'm done working out. He likes what he sees and I'm trying to keep it like this or better. LOL. I'm a mess, right? I know. LOL.

I'm kind of giddy right about now. Just happy that I'm getting all this attention. That may sound vain but I'm keeping it real. It feels good to have some companionship. I'm not saying that he's "the one" but he's nice to me right now so I'm enjoying every second of it.

So, if I'm not updating as much as I have in the past, just know that I'm still out here living life and working towards my fitness goals. Did I mention that I'm smiling while I do it?
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