Am I the only one who's not energized by exercise?

Friday, July 09, 2010

I was just reading a message board about finding motivation to exercise. So many on there (seemed like all of them) raved about working out first thing in the morning and how it energized them for the whole day.

I've never ever ever loved exercise. Even when I first started my new 'lifestyle' and was at the gym routinely and dropping pounds like nothing. I'd feel proud of myself afterwards and all, but never really energized. Overall I think I had more energy but having dropped 10, 20, 30, 50 pounds contributes to that too.

Now when I do a real workout, intense, workout, I want to nap afterwards. This past Sunday I did a 3.38 mile walk, after I got home and showered I was ready to go back to bed.

I finally started walking the dogs in the morning - it only took one morning for Doozy (the one in front in the pic above) to demand it become routine. The next morning she was trying to get me up as early as 2 am to go for our walk...um no! Now she's good and waits until the alarm goes off but then she's standing on top of me (all 80 pounds of her!) breathing her hot stinky breath in my face - yeah I'm getting up! LOL

We walk for about a mile in 20 minutes - not too bad considering we have to stop for potty along the way, thankfully they both go quickly and the speed walking begins thereafter. This morning I even thought about skipping our walk...but how could I say no to this face? (Kahlua)

So we walked and everyone was happy....

Back to my original question though - does anyone else feel more tired after a workout? I wonder if it's just me, and is it mental or should I see the doc? emoticon
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    Working out doesn't always give me more energy. I have settled for the routine that gives/conserves the most energy (walking the dog in the morning 20-40 minutes and then doing my "real" workout after work). Sometimes on Fridays and the weekends, I do my "real" workout in the morning, but find myself tired in the afternoons, so I do that only on weekends and Fridays when I don't have to work a full shift.

    I know some experts advise not to, but sometimes my workout is right before bed (workout-shower-bed). I like to watch Jersey Shore on the elliptical/treadmill, and that doesn't come on until just before bed time. So it's workout, walk the dog, quick shower, then bed. My routine changes a little in the fall/winter, but I usually still wait until after work.

    So, it seems you are not alone in not getting energy right after your workout. I think you have said it before, you need to do what works for you! Give your dogs lots of love, they are so adorable.

    3965 days ago
  • TAZ675
    Thanks everyone for your comments and support! I've been good about walking the pups on the morning, and it's a walk but it's not enough of a workout. But now that I'm more on track with now, the next focus is getting a routine in place of going to the gym after work again...I suppose we could all benefit from am and pm walks though...hmmm

    JIBBIE - I won't even attempt to ride a bike the dogs, I want to live! LOL I can't even run w/ them because they think it's a game and start playing with each other and somehow end up doing a dead stop in front of me...I'm sure it's comical to anyone lucky enough to whitness hahahaa
    3998 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon Dogs certainly need to be walked! Maybe you should try riding your bike and having them run along with you! emoticon An 80# dog needs a LOT of exercise.

    emoticon Volleyball was the only sport I was good at, so I liked to play it. I wanted to do gymnastics as a kid but lived on a farm so it wasn't possible, and I always loved to DANCE, but never go to go to a ballet class or tap dance class, but other exercise besides swimming (which we didn't do either) was something I didn't care for. If I were you, I'd try to do my exercise before I went to bed at night and skip the morning if possible, but guess the DOGS want their time. emoticon
    3999 days ago
    I find that if I didn't sleep well the night before , I am extremely tired after my workout. Most times. I have more energy to keep going much longer then if I just come home and nap.
    I too, hated the exerciing, & still today but I like walking with a friend or bike riding so it doesn't feel like walking. During the work week, I walk right after breakfast and I feel great by the time I have to start work. Maybe you are overdoing it?
    3999 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7485575
    I don't really feel energized. I'm always tired. I force myself to walk after each meal. Maybe Monday, if they will allow me, I'll start using the gym on the community college next to me. I was a student there last semester and will be again in spring semester, but screwed up my financial aid for fall semester...so I'm not currently a student.
    4000 days ago
    I have different days I feel energized...I guess my walks/jogs are like relaxation therapy for me...

    My exercise helps me escape real life for 30-40 minutes...

    Also, I am energized by the music I listen to when doing my exercise...I try load the ipod with high energy and motivate songs to keep me moving...once I am done with the workout, some songs are still in my head, which keeps me energized throughout different points of the day...

    DON'T GET ME WRONG, I want to nap some days too...lol
    4027 days ago
    not energized, happy it is done, tired and yes hungry, and very thirsty/
    4042 days ago
    I get hungry. Then I realize I need more water.
    Hey! are you drinking enough water when you workout?
    4042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3035161
    I think part of it depends on the exercise. I feel more energized after some workouts, and wiped out after others.
    4043 days ago
    Maybe what they are talking about is that overall sense of ENERGY?

    Myself, if I have a "short" work out, like 60min of cardio, then yes, I have a bit more get up and go in my step right afterwards.

    But, if I have a longer, more strenuous workout, say 3 hrs, then yes, when I'm done I usually want to just eat (what I can) and relax, nap, vegge out, etc.

    With all that, what I notice and what I call "having more energy when I workout" ....... I can handle longer days and more activity OUTSIDE the gym, when I am getting my workouts in at the gym.

    Where my friends are exhausted after a long day at work....I've been to the gym in the morning, worked the same full day, maybe hit the gym again in the evening after work, and after that eaten, showered and re-dressed looking for what else is on the agenda for the night. Energizer Bunny!!!
    4043 days ago

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    I do not feel energized after a workout. I usually don't feel anything except sweaty and gross.
    4043 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1928831
    I wouldn't worry about it. I think different people react to exercise differently. Sometimes I'm just wiped out, but other times I do have a spark (and I am an ex-exercise hater...for decades). I'm still waiting for that "runner's high"...never came close. It took me well over a year of consistent exercise to go from hate to liking exercise. I just focus on the healthy benefits (stronger bones, muscles, metabolism lift) and plod on.
    If I get energized...it's a bonus...but it's not often the case.
    4043 days ago
  • no profile photo MAMAWLANG
    at times i feel really good after exercise but there are times when i am exhausted. i think it depends on how tired i am while i exercise.
    4043 days ago
    not really energized in pain lol
    4043 days ago
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