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What The..??!?!?!!! I've shrunk?!!?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ok, ordinarily, on a blog about getting fit and eating healthy and losing weight, shrinking would be a good thing. This, I know.

5:55 a.m.
Me - Honey, do me a favor please?
Bill - Do what?
Me - I want to know how tall I am.
Bill - You're that tall (hand hovering dangerously close to hair that I just fixed and applied the AquaNet helmet to)
M - don't touch that. No really, I want to know how tall I am. Why my Tall jeans drag the ground so much now. It can't just be because of losing weight.
B - Ok, hang on..

The Man got a pencil, a level, and a measuring stick. Like the fold-up, every six inches or whatever, yellow stick.
He applied the level to the top of my head (I sacrificed the AquaNet helmet for the greater good, and refluffed later), marked the wall, then unbent the foldy yellow measuring stick.


I'm 5'10", almost 5'11"! No really, I -am-.

Or I used to be, back in high school. I didn't trust his old foldy yellow measure stick, so I went and got MY tape measure (it's bright green and it's usually the only tape measure we can find, because it goes back in the exact same spot it came from Every Time). Yep, 5'8".

I never cared that I've lied for YEARS on my driver's license about my weight - they expect that, right? But my height? I've always been the tall girl - tallest among my friends when I was younger, tallest among.. just lots of people, for so long.

Me - Maybe I'll get a little taller as I lose more weight and don't have to schlub around all this fat anymore.
Bill - Or maybe you'll just have to live with being my short skinny girl.
Me - I can learn to live with that.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry you lost some height. Now you're the same height as me, so I figure we're in good company. Sorry that you have to lose an extra ten pounds now to be out of the obese category. Loved reading the conversation between you and your honey! emoticon
    3973 days ago
    or if you're used to swollen feet... having deflated feet makes you loose an inch or so... when I was having major water retention issues, my height would fluctuate as well.
    3981 days ago
    Sharai85, I'm going to try your suggestion and see if I grown an inch or so!

    I'm aware that as we age, we may lose some stature - like EMPOWERED2DAY's grandfather - but I'm only 42!

    I think I will be doing -more- stretching and lengthening my spine. Anymore I don't feel right if I don't do some kind of stretching every day, so it certainly can't hurt.

    Oh yea, it changed my BMI as well, losing that two inches (see, told you I thought for sure I was 5'10"!) Now instead of needing to lose 53 lbs to climb out of the Obese category and rank as simply Overweight, I have to lose 63. I mean, it's fine, I'll pass each weight by on my way to my goal weight emoticon but I was excited by the prospect.

    Ah well emoticon
    3981 days ago
    I've been getting shorter too. emoticon
    3981 days ago
    I don't know that it would cause you to shrink 2 inches, but I could see how the weight could kind of pull you down - compress your spine a bit. Very funny exchange tho'!
    3981 days ago
    Were your heels right up to the wall? When I went to the doctor the nurse had me put my heels right up to the wall because, apparently, that forces you to stand up straight and have good posture... I always thought that I was 5'2'' but apparently I am 5' 3 1/2''... who knew?!?!

    3981 days ago
    I think I feel taller now that I'm stretching and doing some yoga. Maybe an idea?
    3981 days ago
    I like that. My grandfather has shrunk, when I was growing up I always had to look up to him he was about 6ft4..I am 6ft3. He is now alot shorter than me.
    3981 days ago
  • APARKE41
    Wow, I've never heard of anyone getting shorter before! :) lol
    3981 days ago
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