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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Four weeks ago, I decide I was going to get back into the gym and start eating more healthy. I had taken six months off since my last figure competition in December 2009 from exercising and somewhat eating healthy. In those six months I had put on 16 pounds, which I was not comfortable with; five - ten pounds would have been more realistic after eating such a restrictive diet for figure competing.

I decided I want to get rid of 10 pounds, with no set time limit. I knew I need to get back into the gym - cardio and strength training and back to "monitoring" everything I eat.

I have heard of carb cycling but never really dedicated to the principle.

Well here is my brief testimony with carb cycling:


Week of June 27 - took measurements and weight - went to gym twice that week - one day strength training - played with carb cycling

Week of July 4 - took measurement and weight - went to gym once that week - started tracking carb cycling

Week of July 11 - took measurements and weight - went to gym three times - strength trained twice - more focused with maintaining carb cycling

Week of July 18th - total bust - preparing for vacation - no gym - family reunion - four days - Wichita Kansas - major damage -eating out - four days - barbecue/fried chicken/Doritos/potato salad/drinking alcohol and junk food galore

Junk food galore had to do alot with boyfriend attending. My boyfriend lives in a different state then I do and when ever he comes to visit, I totally deviate from the way I normally eat. He is over weight and if we ever decide to get married and live in the same state, he is going to have to develop a healthy life style.

Week of July 25th - first time in four weeks that I went to the gym five days. Completed three day split of body training/three days of cardio/one day of concentrated ab work. Tracked carb cycling - three days low/one day high/one day medium/one day low/one day medium

One month result from 6/27/10 - 7/25/10

Weight loss - one pound - it was probably more - but I refused to weigh myself after coming back from family reunion. I know I probably put on at least three pounds over those four days.

Inches loss - Total of seven inches - with the most coming from navel area - 3 inches. Almost every area measured had a lost of one inch - breast, rib cage, small waist, navel, and hips

BF% - down 2.43%
LBM - up 2.80
Body fat - down 3.8

I will not see my boyfriend again until Labor Day Weekend - so for the next six weeks I am going to kick butt with carb cycling, strength training and cardio so I can see what the "real" results are if you are truly committed to what ever program you choose. emoticon

I know this blog is "LONG" but what I was trying to say, is that even though I only lost a total on "ONE" pound in one month - I lost a cummulative of seven inches with hardly any cardio or strength training during that time. The old saying, you are what you eat is SOOOOO true.
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