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Sunday, August 08, 2010

I am so discouraged right now...I weighed Friday ( my scheduled day to record my weight), and there has been no decrease in the numbers!!!!!!!!!! I have been exercising so hard this week, that I was certain that I would lose at least 1#. Yesterday and today's weigh-in didn't make me smile either. I don't want to give up, but seeing no results after so much hard work is really disappointing. I don't expect to be a size smaller in a week, but NO weight loss??!!? I don't get it, but I'm gonna keep getting back out there...we'll see what the scale says next Friday.
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  • no profile photo CD3745250
    Stay with it. I went for a long time not loosing weight and was really getting discouraged until one day I noticed that I really did need a belt to keep my pants up. It wasn't that I was not loosing the weight it was that my body was putting it in different places and replacing the fat with muscle.
    3861 days ago
    Girl! Stay focus and motivated! This happens to EVERYONE! Don't get discourage, keep doing what you're doing, or kick it up a notch. YOU WILL see results!

    You're doing great! Keep up the hard work and it will pay off!

    emoticon emoticon
    3971 days ago
    Don't let the scale get you down. It's not always about a number.
    How are you feeling? Do you have more energy? Does your skin have a healthy glow?
    Working out and eating well have many more benefits than just weight lose.
    Don't give up!
    3999 days ago
    dont be discouraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember you can do all things through Christ that strengthens us!! if you dont see the numbers fall on the scale dont give up. i am going through the same thing this week but this is the time for us to do other things that can track weight loss like measure our waist, arms, legs etc. keep up the great work and remember even if you never see that scale move down again , working out like you are and eating better is so important for your life. :) dont give up girl you /we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4000 days ago
    It's hard but please don't give up, take it from me that is the worst thing you can do!!! I was stuck in a plateau for months, and ended up breaking it and gaining weight. Stick to your guns and remember to check your tape measure for small changes. emoticon
    4001 days ago
    keep going - as long as you know you are doing the right thing and feeling better the scale will move eventually and you will also get smaller (you could be gaining muscle)
    4001 days ago
    Step away from the scale!! I have had months when the scale didn't move at all. What I did was change my workout routine by incorporating circuit training and bursts of ol' school gym exercises. Jumping jacks, running in place, squats, etc. It will happen just be patient. Also take a closer look at your food intake. Stay focused!! emoticon
    4001 days ago
    Remember, dear heart-the race is not given to the swift, but to those who endure. Trust me, I know. I'm going to keep cheering, checking up, and encouraging you. YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!
    Grace and peace,
    4001 days ago
    Please don't be discouraged. This is just a stumbling block just blast through it and keep going. I hope your next weigh-in is better. emoticon
    4001 days ago
    It will come, hang in here. You did not say you gain so that in its self is great. Not every week will you drop a pound or two but if you're not gaining know that you are doing something right. emoticon

    It's hard to see our numbers not more body the body want to rest to, my Dr.always say went I don't more my numbers. Keeping doing what you're doing and the scale will more. emoticon
    4001 days ago
    It can be discouraging to work SO hard and not see the numbers move backward.

    That number is not the only story! Are your clothes fitting better, looser? Do you FEEL stronger?

    You are doing the right things for your health and fitness. Please do not let that number have so much power. Do not let it move you off of the path you have chosen.

    Did you know that there are a lot of SPer's who weigh in only once a month or not at all?

    emoticon in fact, YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4001 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4655693
    Don't give up! Keep exercising and eating right and the pounds and inches will come off.
    4002 days ago
    Hi HisHoney

    I wouldn't worry overmuch about the weight loss. How are your clothes fitting you at this point. You maybe loosing inches which is a good thing. Oftentimes we don't loose weight but we do loose inches.

    I can recall I went a whole month and didn't see any weight loss, but I did loose some inches. Don't be discouraged, it will happen before you realize it.
    4002 days ago
    Don't give up, after all this is a lifestyle change not just a weight loss(altho that is the ultimate goal). emoticon emoticon
    4002 days ago
  • no profile photo SHYTOWN7
    Look on the bright side: at least your numbers didn't increase! Your hard work is paying off, it's just not as quickly as you and we all would like it to show. Be proud and celebrate the strength that you are gaining and the committment that you are showing. Great job, keep up the good work and look for small victories that aren't dictated by the numbers on your scale! You CAN and WILL do this!!! emoticon
    4002 days ago
    MANY MANY thanks for the encouraging words! I'm gonna keep my original exercise routine, and maybe add a workout in the evening...something to help me off this plateau. I was pretty idle before I recommitted to lose this weight (AGAIN); so I thought going from doing nothing to walking/running and lifting weights (hand weights) would blow the numbers right of the scale...I just expected more. I'll be ok, because I'm gonna eventually reach my goal. It's just gonna take a little longer than I anticipated.
    4002 days ago
    I had that problem too. The scale wasn't changing but I did noticee that my clothes began to fit differently. All the exercising sometimes adds muscle first and musclke wieghs more than fat. Believe me you will see a change soon. For me weekly weigh ins do more harm mentally than good (sometimes).

    4002 days ago
  • WALNUT5612
    You hang in there and the weight WILL come off!! Don't give up!!
    4002 days ago
    Hey lady! We all have those moments when the scale doesn't budge in our preferred direction (if at all). Don't let that get you down. Have you checked your measurements? There may be changes going on that you haven't noticed yet. The numbers on the scale are only part of this whole equation. It's times like these where we really have to stay the course. I know you can do it!
    4002 days ago
    Sometimes, we have water retention, which would make it appear that you have lost any weight. Please hang in there albeit difficult. Remember it is the darkest before the dawn. emoticon
    4002 days ago
  • MCVS76
    Don't you dare give up! Think of how far you've come. Be proud of your accomplishments. Remember that slow and steady wins the race! Good luck and keep on keeping on!
    4002 days ago
  • RMCNEAL122
    This just happens some time no matter how hard we work. Check to make sure you are eating enough so that your body is not in starvation mode and also that you drank enough water. If you did then don't let the scale rule you. I have decided not to weigh myself until the end of August- let your clothes tell the story. You may be losing inches and building muscle which could be a cause for the scale not moving. But remember that scale could have went up rather than staying the same and that is an accomplishment in itself. Just remember emoticon

    4002 days ago
    Be encouraged!! You are building muscle and kicking fat to the curb!!! Way to go!!! Hang in there--all is well!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4002 days ago
    This happens all the time it's the devil and he is a liar. Stay encouraged and don't worry about that scale. It is not the boss of you!


    4002 days ago
    Don't be discouraged it will start to show soon just keep going on the course your on. Keep pressing forward to get down to the size you want to be. Be blessed and I am where you are and it's difficult but not impossible. emoticon
    4002 days ago
    remember that muscle is heavier than fat so you could have lost fat but gained muscle.
    4002 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. For me, sometimes the scale goes up when I work out hard, but I notice that I lose inches instead of pounds. Whatever you do, don't give up!! Maybe you need to make a few minor adjustments to your routine so that you are challenging your body by adding different exercises. I'm here for you if you need me!!

    Your spark friend,
    4002 days ago
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