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Success, Small but Important !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The successes I experienced this past week are small in comparison to reaching a milestone weight loss or maintaining that loss. But each step I reach is so important to me.
First I lost 3 pounds, making my present weight 248. Woo! Hoo! That's probably from a all time high of 345 or so. I didn't have a scale to weight on and in waiting for the doctors appointment I had six weeks to lose and I crashed off as much as I could. Almost killed me. Then i found out I still weighted 333. So that's the number I go with. It's easy to remember. Believe me I will never forget it either. So a total of 85 lbs gone forever. Woo! Hoo!
I went to the gym , Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for water aerobics, water jogging and swim some laps. When I first started I could barely swim the length of the pool. I am so much better now. All the breathing in my yoga has helped there, plus losing 85 lbs. I can expand my lungs, there are not being squeezed to death by FAT. Woo! Hoo!
If I was to compare myself to an animal out of water and in water. I guess I would have to be a seal. Out of water I am still kind of unsteady, my gait is not as smooth as it will be. But in water I am sleek, fast I can do almost anything.
I love the water it has a calming effect on me. That's why I liked living at the beach. I don't have a beach outside my apartment now, but I have water fountains in my office and living room. I can hear the water and it sounds refreshing and calming.
I didn't put a fountain in my bedroom, listing to the sounds of water in the night, has an effect of getting up and run to the loo. Smile!.
I tried on a pair of cute jeans, I have had for 7 or 8 years. Last month there was a 5 inch gap in the zipper. This week I got them zipped. Woo! Hoo! I still will wait to ware them. Just a little tight, and I hate to see heavy people ware clothes that are skin tight. Just my opinion.
In a few weeks I will gladly ware them and be ever so proud of my success.. and look real cute too. i bought a new top to ware with them.
I walked my first full mile last Saturday took me 45 minutes. When I walked it again it took 40 minutes. This morning I walked the mile in 30 minutes. Woo! Hoo.!
Only problem I had this week was my computers. Yes, I said COMPUTERS. Both of them.
My desk PC , is old, been acting up. Freezes a lot. Wednesday just as I was finishing here at SP. the darn thing froze again. Usually I turn it off and re boot . I was in a hurry to leave for the gym, so I left it off and went on my way.
I came home , Windows would not come back on. I tried everything. Finally called the PC Doctors. He came and picked it up.
PC Doctor called, it was the hard drive, gone, kaput, finished. The diagnostic and to remove file would cost me $159.00. Now I had talked of buying a new PC, so that would be an total out lay of about $ 800. or $900. hundred dollars. Plus entering new programs and all the work that goes with a new computer.
The PC doctor said he could install a new larger hard drive, guarantee it for 3 years and it would only cost $227.00. I said that sounds real good. Lets do it.
Now I can take my time and look for a new computer in the year 2012 or so.
In the meantime I got out my lap top and hooked it up. Got on line right away. Went to e-mail and then started to answer a message from SP/ Oh, crap, the browser would not let me log in. What's wrong?
I tried other web sites , no log in. I thought this started when Comcast changed security, so maybe if I took the security off it would free up the login feature. I'm grasping at straws.
Well after removing the security, still no working browser. Plus now my auto log in for e-mail is removed so I can't even log in there .
I was getting agitated , anxious, stressed. I wanted to chuck the dam thing out the window and go in the kitchen and get something sinful and decadent to eat.
When I realized the thoughts I was having it caused me to pause and say wait a minute Tisha.
I had done everything I could to fix it. Why was I going to let an issue that I could not fix wreck my good eating habits and undo all I have been working so hard to achieve.
Well it wasn't, I did not run to the kitchen and scarf down some forbidden food. For one thing I have no sinful, decadent, forbidden food in my house. I would have to order some. Smile!!
I closed the office door and realized that tomorrow I would have the PC Doctor look at the laptop, when he returned my desk PC.
I decided to take a soothing bath, light candles, put on some soft music and had a 30 minute soak. I felt like a million dollars afterwards. Only think missing was the champagne. But I did have some S. Pellegrino Italian mineral water on hand so I put some lemon slices in it and portended it was Crystal Champagne. My favorite champagne. Which I will drink on my finally goal. I will only have a glass I won't drink the whole like bottle, like I used to.
I went to bed early, had a beautiful uninterrupted sleep..Slept for 8 hours.
The next day I continued with my usual routine. Did exercises, what work I could do. . About 3:30, PC Doctor called , my PC was fixed he would be by in 1/2 hour. When he came, he also fixed my laptop. So now I have both of the computers in good working order.
I felt a little strange at first being out of contact with SP. But I figured if the repairs were to take longer than a day, I would pop over to my daughters and log in there, so not to break my log in streak.
I am suffering a sore knee today, alternating ice and heat. Won't walk tomorrow. Darn.! I really like the early morning walks. Here in Salem, Or. Its cool in the morning, about 58 and then get really hot by afternoon, its 98 right now. 4 :00 pm.
I also have swimmers ear from being in the water so much. and somewhere I picked up eye infection. So its drops for ears, drops for eyes. Have to remember which ones are for what ailment.
I should blog more often, maybe short precise blogs?
Till then, "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." E. Cummings, quote
Peace and Love, Tisha
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are doing so well! I'm proud of you and I find your blogs inspiring.
    3916 days ago
    Big successes! It must have been so exciting to get into your 8 year old pair of jeans :) Keep up the positivity and hard work...it's taking you everywhere!
    3917 days ago
    truly amazing.. great job on the walking, great job sticking with your goals..
    3922 days ago
    Yes, keep smiling and laughing!! Your positive attitude is really great!
    emoticon emoticon
    3922 days ago
    Congratulations on your 85 lbs lost!!! Love your motivation and your positive attitude, even when you were ready to give in...you switched it around and did something special for yourself...hmmm....gives me an idea...I should go take a bath now! LOL
    3922 days ago
    Congratluations on your weight loss. 85 pounds is a major accomplishment. And--I know how hard it it is not to run to the kitchen when you are stressed out about something.
    Keep up the good work
    3922 days ago
    You're doing great and have the right attitude to keep going! Good for you! emoticon
    3923 days ago
    You are doing fantastically well. I'm sorry to say it, but the injuries and sickness are things that really do happen to us all, at least the older ones. The knee is bad - I successfully recovered to the point that both of mine are working OK, but my wife has two replacement knees, and they still hurt now. You hurt your knee if you overdo the walking. My right knee was what started me losing weight in the first place. When it hurts too much to sleep, you start digging, and the only answers were glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates (50 per cent chance they help) and LOSE WEIGHT. Try to avoid stairs, and good luck. You are still doing a fantastic job.
    3923 days ago
    That's totally awesome!! emoticon Congrats on the weight loss and, more importantly, feeling better and moving more smoothly. I too love the water. Small steps steadily taken will smoothly accomplish your goal. emoticon
    3923 days ago
    Wow - to take your mile from 45 minutes to 30 - that's fantastic.
    I walk slowly, between 25 and 30 minutes per mile. For me, the fact that i'm actually out walking is much more important than how fast I walk.
    Just curious - have you tried any chair exercises, especially with your knee hurting. I had a severe knee/leg injury about 5 years ago and will never have full range of motion in my left leg. When I do my "exercise walking" it's difficult for me to do any strength or aerobic exercises while standing due to pain. I've found that the chair exercises really help me keep the momentum going!
    I'm glad you got your computers up and running! Mine was down one day due to internet service and it was so aggravating!
    Stay positive,
    3923 days ago
    That's awesome that you are walking faster! You GO girly emoticon

    3923 days ago
  • MARPET44
    I do not think your successes are small at all. You are an inspiration to many. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3923 days ago
    Good for you!! You took a situation that was full of stress and
    just dealt with it like a true spark person. emoticon
    See, the good habits you are learning, are paying off.
    My husband just went through the same ordeal with his computer. It can be so frustrating.
    Glad you are back in business and up and running.
    3923 days ago
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