Its time to say goodbye

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair well companion, I can't say I will really miss you. Matter of fact I think you have over stayed your welcome. The curb is to the west of the front door, I will even help you pack. Thats right you can take your friends, those evil little henchmen you bring. Demons if you will with you. I am having an Exorcism to remove you and them from my life. I have learned that I truly hate you, and that is so harsh. But its TRUE!!! You sit there looking so innocent what harm can you do to me.

Well I'm done, for my sake and the sake of millions, I am starting a war against your existence. I will not rest until your banished to the far recesses of hell where you belong. Yes I have thought about this, long and hard, I have tried to peacefully co-exist with you in my home, but I no longer can. Your banished from my site, my house, my home. And yes I will mock you and point and laugh. I will through a big party in your departure, not for you, NO, don't even think thats the reason. But for the lack of you. I have grown tired, of your constant torment. I have made the decision, there is no turning back. You have got to leave, it will be either you or me. And I hate to tell you this but I am stronger than you, mentally and physically. You are really not even worth my efforts. Why have I let what you have said to me over the years effect me so. But it stops today, right here right now. I have drawn a line, and you have crossed it one to many times.

So in my court of law where, I am the judge, the jury and the hang man, I sentence you to death, by firing squad!

Why should I feel pain and remorse for your death. You have proven time and again you don't care for me, my family, or others in the world. I know I will see you and your kind in the supermarket, the postal office, and everywhere goods are bought and sold. I can live with that. But I am not a commodity to be bought, sold or traded.

So this is good bye, may god have mercy on my soul.

Today I have banished my scale from my life. Sure I will see the likes of it in the doctors office, and other demoralizing places but guess what it is not going to be in my home. It is not what I am going to gauge my emotional health by. And it is no longer going to control my existence.

Join me say good bye to the tool used to buy and sell things by weight, it should never be your judge, jury or hang man.

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    For some reason, I thought this was for another car...


    I will say goodbye with you, but I will never do the same with my own and this is why...

    I use my scale as a tool for my journey. One of many actually. I weigh in every morning and track it on physicsdiet.com (Free site). It averages your weight to give you a "true" weight. Then I still take measurements every two weeks and pictures every month. The scale may not move sometimes, but the sizes do, or vis versa. Just thought I would share.

    Good luck, regardless of what you do!
    3996 days ago
  • ANGIES1963
    you had me going.
    4001 days ago
  • no profile photo JOYCE561
    good luck to you
    4001 days ago
    It's just a trial separation... it wlll come back, it always does
    4001 days ago
    bye -- but do come back once in a while
    4001 days ago
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