Sleep study results, new doc, new kitty kat, and other random thoughts

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I realized today that I havn't blogged anything in 2 weeks. I have a lot to catch up on. So this one is probably going to be a long one.

Sleep study results are in and apparently I have mild obstructive sleep apnea. So what does that mean? Old doc gave me a referral to go have a c-pap trial done. He wasn't very happy to know that while sleeping on my back I only get 88% oxygen. They also found some arythmia with my heart when I sleep. He gave me a referral to have a 24 hour heart monitor done. You might ask, have I done these things? NO. Why? After that visit I did what I said I was going to do and changed doc's. I thought I would wait to see the new doc, show him the results of the sleep study and blood tests, and see what he would recommend. Oh and BTW, the old doc actually said he was getting concerned with my chronic fatigue- yea right- the student doc he had with him was more concerned about me than he was. Oh well, no more whining about him because I gave him the boot.

So, first visit with the new doc. I walk in and I feel like I've went back in time to the 1950's or something. It was crazy. All the machines he used looked like they were made before I was even born. In fact, I do believe that even as a child I had never seen such old machines in a doc's office. He told me not to worry about the c-pap machine, that I didn't need it, that 88% isn't bad at all, and I should just lose some weight. Funny, I said to him that you should say that because that is one of the reasons I am here. I gave him a timeline of what I had been noticing since January and the changes I made to my diet and daily activity level. After looking over the blood work he said that everything looked great and there was no need for further testing. I just had a slight vita D deficiency. He did however want to do an EKG to see about this heart arythmia. He had me lay down and out comes what looks like something out of an old horror movie and he is beginning to hook it up to me. Now as I said earlier all the machines looked ancient. I'm not even sure this thing was legal to use anymore. So he hooks me up and the little paper(like on the old stenograph machine) spits out and he says "your heart is fine, no need to go have the heart monitor put on for 24 hours." Well that's good news I said. I ask him why I might be having trouble losing wieght and having this horrible fatigue every day for the past several months. And to make a long story short he said that I have to reduce my caloric intake to 1000 p/d (yes it is not a typo you read it right 1000 calories p/d) and take 50,000 hcg of vitamin D p/w and my weight and fatigue problem will go away. Although I know and have been told that my body needs fuel and don't go under 1200 p/d, he inisited this is why I have been struggling to lose weight. Oh, and he diagnosed me with major depression too. Too bad I've known this since I was about 12 years old and see a psychiatrist. I say BOOOOO to the new doc. But I'm not a doc so I will take the vitamin D like he has prescribed but I'm not dropping my calories. I'm afraid if I do that it will make losing weight even harder.

Last Friday was what would have been my late fiance's 30th bday. I was sad to say the least however I did make the best of it. I made him a cherry cheesecake (his fav), sang happy bday to him, and let off balloons and I said a prayer and told him I loved and missed him. I also adopted a new kitty kat. A little over 2 months ago I had to put his cat to sleep because she had kidney disease. It was devestating to lose her too especially because of the symbolism attached to her. So for Ian's birthday I decided that I would get a new baby kitty kat and name her Tigger Too. Like, I'm a tigger too. She is such a darling. I love her so much already. Although Stinky Butt is not very happy with me or Tigger Too right now, Mittens is playing with her already and Tigger Too seems to be VERY happy in her new home.

I am really excited about joined the Halloween Challenge which makes my goal to lose 20 pounds by Halloween. Given what's been going on with me I'm not sure it's possible but I'm going to work my butt off and see what the results are. If I don't try I won't know, so I say go for it.

Work sucks and family sucks. I could write a whole other blog on each of those alone so I'm not going to go there for right now.

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! My friend and I just confirmed our vacation to Maine. We are going on a Schooner for a week. I can't wait. I haven't been on a real vacation since I graduated high school. I've been to some really awesome places, but it's always been to visit someone, so there was always plans and expectations involved. Not this time. We will be on the water, watching dolphins and hopefully whales swimming around, landing on several deserted islands to do whatever we want, and my favorite part is one night we have a bonfire and lobster bake YUMMY!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm deprived and lead a pretty sheltered life, LOL.

Well I suppose that is quite enough for now. Thank you fellow sparklers, as always it's been a hoot. Till next time emoticon and emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Where do you live???? In the Twilight Zone? LOL Seriously though - good job on not dropping your cals! That would be ridiculous especially with the level of activity that you have. I think your new doc is not much of an improvement over your old doc and just know that if you need to keep looking - then keep looking! If you went on a date and realized the guy was crazy, you wouldn't go out with him again. It should be no different with a doctor!!!

    You're doing great girl! So glad you got a new kitty to celebrate Ian's birthday! I'm sure that makes him happy from above. :-)
    3911 days ago
    I am not going to like this blog made me cry a little I am so sorry for your losses but I am so excited to have you as part of our team! I am here for you for whatever you may need, support a butt kickin or just an ear =] you are so much stronger than you even realize and you can get through this hump and be even better!

    much love
    3915 days ago
    The 1000 cal thing is done as a jump start. Only do it for 2 wks max. Tigger too is precious emoticon
    3916 days ago
    1000 calories is too little, unless we're talking about a small child. That would just mess up your metabolism and make your body think you were starving, because you would be! Find another doctor. Ask again about the sleep study results and your heart. I have sleep apnea, but much more severe than you have. If I don't use my CPAP, I am exhausted. If I do use it, I feel great. It could be related to your exhaustion, it is at least worth getting another (third?) opinion about. I also would want to make darn sure everything was alright with my heart.

    Good luck and have a SUPERFANTASTICAL vacation!
    3916 days ago
    Dude, WTH kind of doctors are in your area? Sounds like they are all losers! Haha! I read an article on vitamin D deficiency, so I think taking it is a good recommendation, but 1,000 calories!? That's ridiculous! You can't eat that little and expect to have any energy, so that would make your fatigue problem worse.

    I am sorry about your fiance; I haven't read all your blogs so I don't know the story but I can't imagine how hard that must be. You are obviously a very strong person!
    3916 days ago
    Congrats on TT!

    I'm not too impressed by the new doc.... He sounds kinda quacky to me.... I think I would look for a third opinion - if you're really set against the original doc.

    Good Luck!
    3916 days ago
    Yeah I would switch doctors too if they told me to only eat 1000 cals. Thats crazy! Its always exciting to take a vacation. Im sorry about your family and work situation. Hope things get better soon! What a cute emoticon
    3916 days ago
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