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Monday, August 30, 2010

So here goes- I've been working my butt off since March and for so many months I saw absolutely nothing on the scale. I had seen some inches lost and felt stronger and fitter but no loss on the scale. For over two months I wouldn't even get on it. It was my worst enemy. We would get in arguments everytime I even looked at it, so I said the heck with the darn thing. Anyway, I was having so many ohter problems besides seeing wieght loss that I had been going to my doc's to see if I could get some answers. No luck. I changed doc's. No luck. Now I'm not going to stop going to see what's going on but it's been so frustrating that I have to try my best no to concentrate on all that and try to see what results are really going on for me. I joined the Halloween Challenge, where the goal is to lose 20 pds by Halloween, and was really excited about it. And I still am. I LOVE halloween. It has always been my favorite of all holidays (if you consider it a holiday, I DO). It is my father's birthday, so it has ALWAYS been a big "to do" in my family. My friends think I'm a halloween nut. And I would have to agree with them. I have a different pair of halloween socks for each day in October. Well acutally I probably have enough now that I could do it x2. But that's besides the point. So I'm not really sure if 20 pounds is too much but I'm gonna try and see what happens.

Last week when I did my first wiegh in I was SO excited. I got on that scale and I was down 10 pounds. I can't even tell you what my next door neighbor must have been thinking, because I was jumping up and down, and screaming with joy. It's been 5 months and I have finally lost 10 pounds. Two years ago I could've dropped 10 pounds in less than 5 weeks. So 40 more to go!!!!!! Woohoo, Horray, Yippee!!!!!!!!

I had a wedding to go to this past weekend and had no idea what I was going to wear. A lot of my clothes (dressy one's) don't fit anymore because I have gained so much wieght over the past year that I was dreading having to go to this wedding. At least with my sister's last month I was in the wedding so had to purchase the dress already. Anyway, so I go shopping and found this amazing dress. It was white with all sorts of yellow and black polka dots on it. I fell in love with it! It was on the clearance rack and there was only one, so the million dollar question. You guessed it, was it my size?????? And it was!!!!!!!!!! It fit perfectly, I was soooooo very happy. And the dress was totally my style. So all my hard work is paying off. For awhile there I was thinking of just giving up. That old stinking thinking was creeping up on me, several times over the past 5 months. However, I just kept telling myself that even if I wasn't seeing the results immediately (like I want because I need immediate gratification) I was making my body healthier and becoming stronger. So here is a pic in my cute dress and a couple pics at the wedding ( my friend lost my camera at my sis's wedding so I had to use my phone :()

Thanks for reading. My hope is that if anyone reading this is thinking of giving up because it just seems like too much work or is frustrated with seeing no results, KEEP GOING!!!!!!!! You can do this, we all can.

Isn't it just the cutest dress?????

Me and my friend Sue, the beautiful bride!

The Happy Couple!!!!!!!!
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