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Are You Committed?

Monday, August 30, 2010

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in something, you do it only when it's convenient . When you're committed to something you accept no excuses, only results." Quote from, Ken Blachard.
This made me wonder how many people are really committed to getting healthy and being fit.?
Not long ago there was a poll here at Spark.
Which diet dilemma do you struggle with?
There were six questions and the one that I thought would polled the highest actually polled the least.
1. Fail on weekends........26%
2. Make exercise excuses...27%
3. Eating nutrient poor calories....13%
4. Starve during the day, over eat in evening....14%
5. Going off plan for special occasion....15%
6. NONE....I've transitioned from dieting to a healthy lifestyle....5 %

Why are just a few people able to make the change.? Is it not convenient to eat healthy all the time? Why are so many having a hard time in their choices? I choose #6. I don't diet, I eat healthy.
Why does the draw of some foods make people revert back to old habits.
The last time I looked there's no monetary gain in eating. There's no prize. No trophy. In fact the fantastic food taste only lasts for a moment. It's in then it sits around and it's out. What's the satisfaction? That moment of a salty or sugary taste that registers in our brain. Like a drug the food transmit a feeling of euphoria, and that in turns makes us want more, and that is the habit of over eating . Of eating non healthy foods.
The habit of turning to food to over come any crisis. We eat when unhappy. We eat when we are happy., we celebrate with food.
Food is given to children as a treat. How many times as a mother have you said I'll give you a cookie or candy bar if you're good. I hate to say I used to do that.
I had a test done the other day and they had a basket of individual wrapped mini candy bars to give out as a reward for under going the test. Since when did people have to be bribed to do something.? We need rewards, or treats?
I remember when suckers used to be given out at dentist offices, till they said that doesn't look too good. So started to give toothbrushes. Like Yeah,!!
When one embarks on living a healthy lifestyle it's full time. There's no days off. Just because you're off work on the weekends, doesn't mean you have to or should eat junk or make bad food choices. Healthy eating is 7 days a week.
When choosing your food, it would be foolish to eat all your 1500 calories in candy or pizza. No, you have to plan ahead and eat balanced meals. If you can't figure out balanced meals, they can do it on the food tracker. Just put in your calories and it's all done. Just follow the plan. I like to plan my own, I can be more flexible. It doesn't take long and I know ahead what I am eating each day. If I go out I plan that ahead and eat according to what fits in to my calories for the day. Restaurant menu's can be checked on line.
Starving during the day only to over eat at night is foolish. Of course you will scarf down anything if your starving hungry. So eat during the day, take your lunch, take snacks, plan ahead.
Eating on special occasion, that can be done without over eating. Small portions, you can taste everything, and still be within your calories or close to it.
One doesn't have to have large portions to enjoy a food. I know it can be done, I do it all the time. I have ribs, cake, pie, drinks, just watch the portions.
I know that to get to the obese stage that many of us are in, it took a while.
We had problems, depression, emotional, medical problems, and we liked to eat.
We had reason that we could not lose weight.
Mine was depression, bad back, bad knees, could hardly walk. Had a thyroid condition, and individuals with autoimmune thryoiditis have a harder time losing weight after hormone levels are normalized. Even to this day the Doctor is having a hard time adjusting my thyroid meds..
But the main problem I gained and failed to lose was I loved to eat. I loved to cook and liked my cooking and ate and ate.
I loved to go out to dinner, the buffet lines were wonderful. The ones in Vegas the best. Oh, I had health excuses but I also couldn't give up food.
It wasn't till what I call bottoming out, that I woke up to the fact that I had to change my life. If I didn't there would be no life.
The doctor told me that I had probably two years to live. I was hardly living at the moment. But I didn't want to die. I was only 67 years old. My mother is 85 and fit not a pound over weight and going strong.
I had reached my bottom, I had only one option, lose weight. Regain my health..
I think for different reasons people that bottom out are more committed to succeed. And it is usually a health reason and doing it for the family. Live to see the children grow up or grand children. Many times it's a do or die situation..
We're not talking a few vanity pounds. This is super obese , morbidly obese.
if it were only a few pounds , one could diet that off and hope to learn not to regain so as not to yo-yo diet the same pounds .
To succeed you need to find that inner strength, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.
Think positive, face each day with the positive attitude, that you are in charge, no one dictates what you can or can't do. And you defiantly don't listen to food calling out your name. It's not your friend. You'll only feel remorse if you give in to the bad habits. Stay busy, time passes quicker, occupy your mind.
Each day that passes the the body adjusts to the new food, less food, adjusts to the exercise, you start to see results. You get a complement, that feels good. You feel different about yourself. Before you know it you are on your way to a fit and healthy life.
I do want to mention that exercise plays big part in how much we lose , how fast we lose, and how healthy out body becomes. But regardless of your health if the doctor has approved it, there are exercises for everyone.
Here's some that I thought were interesting. These are exercises = activities and the calories they burn.
1. . 1 hr running=4 hrs yoga.....900 calories
2. 1 hr rollerblade= 4 hr bowling...900 calories
3. 1 hr swim laps= 1 hr, 45 min. water aerobics.....511 calories
4. 1 hr elliptical= 4 hr Frisbee.....800 calories
5. 1 hr jogging= 2 hr tai chi....584 calories
6. 1 hr rowing=1 hr 45 min. walk ( 3 miles hr.)....511 calories
7. 1 hr backpack hiking=1 hr 40 min. sex....511 calories.

Any of those look good??

And if you want to burn 200 calories here's some activities that do that.

1. Shop, try on at least 18 outfits.
2. Grocery shop for 30 minutes.
3. Rearrange furniture
4. Wash car
5. Yard work , 25 minutes
6. Play scrabble, 2 hours
7. Bowling , 1 hour
8. Give a massage, 45 minute one.
Exercise,what ever you do , the more muscle you have continues to burn calories even after you have stopped. You even burn calories while sleeping. That cool!!
"Don't let life discourage you. Everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was." Richard Evans.
I am enjoying a few day with a visiting mate from Miami. She's been through her own battle with weight, in the last 4 years has lost 160 pounds. Went from a size 24 to a 2. She's only 5 ft . and weight 105 pounds. Looks great.
We have been out to eat. We split everything, but the drinks. One appetizer, one salad, one entrée, no desert.
She will be here till Wednesday. So we will gossip and catch up on old times.
Peace and Love, Tisha
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I read this quickly several days ago, and today went back to read it again. This is day 7 of my trip and I started off great but have totally messed up. Tomorrow it my chance to get back on track. thanks for some reminders that I needed.
    3902 days ago
    Great blog!
    3906 days ago
  • QUANNA76
    awesome blog
    3907 days ago
    emoticon for this blog , I needed it.
    3907 days ago
    Thanks for sharing.
    Old habits are hard to break - and eating is a habit for many of us!
    It takes time, determination and desire, but it can be done.
    3907 days ago
    What a great, great blog. I thank you from the bottom my heart for that blog. there is so much truth in it. I have lost heart in the past week. I haven't binged, but just haven't been as conscientious about my calories as in the past. I went over by several hundred several times.

    I, too, like your friend am very short. the excess 100 pounds I have on my little body looks and feels like much more. I still have the "diet" mentality. I am going to print off your blog and read it every day for a while until I get my "oomph" back.

    thanks to you and SparkPeople. It's usually at this point I give up and revert back to my old way of eating (stuffing). You are absolutely right--we do not need all that food.
    3907 days ago
    Great blog and so true.....we do have to be committed for it to become a reality, for the changes that we make along the way to become such a part of our lives that we no longer think about eating half a pizza in one sitting. Now I wonder, not only what was I thinking, but how could I do that.......? I certainly could not eat like that now....but part of it was the camaraderie with my son....who loved pizza as much as I do....the lure is still there but I limit myself now to one slice when we do have it....It is a change for the better, and a change that will become a habit of eating less, and making healthier choices. Every change will not happen overnight and every new change will not become an ingrained habit over night, but over time it will. It will become part of our lives so that our lives will never be the same. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3908 days ago
    Really enjoyed your blog! You do have to be committed! I am gradually learning new, good habits through Spark People. Blogs like this really help.
    emoticon JoAnne
    3908 days ago
  • -CHERI-
    Thanks for the great blog!! I struggled today - but came through with fly colors. The sharing table at work had peach rubarb pie and frosted apple bars (both homemade by a fabulous cook). I found my multi-grain cheerios and a had a nectaurine. It really wasn't too hard to pass up. Then came the noon hour. The boss sponsored a golf tourney this weekend and fed over a hundred people. The left-overs were brought in. Brats and potato salad. The potato salad was made by a chef at our local resort. It is always fabulous and I've had it many many times. My weakness!!!! It's so easy for me to pass up the sweets but those fats are something else. Anyway, I chose to make myself a healthy chicken fajita and a nice juicy chunk of cantaloup.

    Of course, I'm a glutton for punishment - I decided my hubby and daughter would love some of that potato salad for supper, so found a tupperware container in my desk and brought home a quart of it for them. Guess what - I wanted it, really wanted it, but left it alone. Yes, I could have had a 1/2 cup or so but thought I'd be better off with a baked potato with my burger and lettuce salad topped with mandarin oranges and my balsamic vinigrette.

    Yes, I believe I am committed - yes, I'll make a few screw ups along the way, but I'm in it for life. We're gonna make it Tisha!!
    3908 days ago
    The psychiatrists call it "An emotional event" instead of "reach bottom" but the experience is the same. For me, it was having a knee that hurt so bad that I couldn't sleep, and realizing that the only way to stop the pain was to lose weight, and (maybe) take a supplement. There are a lot of people everywhere who just don't lose because they learned to "do your best".

    It's a great blog - I'll send it to my daughter.
    3908 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7547131

    Great blog. :) I liked how you listed activities at the end, and one of the activities is playing scrabble. LOVE scrabble. :)

    3908 days ago
  • JS1971
    Incredible blog. I'm going to send it to a fellow sparker.
    3908 days ago
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