Cinnamon & bed time snacking

Friday, September 03, 2010

I am an emotional eater and a night time eater. I am not necessarily hungry when I eat at bedtime, but for some reason I just want to eat. Plus my choices are not necessarily good choices. Of course this is what caused me to become grossly obese. Even after loosing weight I still continued to eat at bed time. I knew this was bad for my health, but I couldn't seem to get it under control. Finally I've found something that works for me. Cinnamon - just plain cinnamon. I make sure to brush my teeth before bed and then . . . when the "urge" hits me to get a yummy something . . . I shake some cinnamon into my mouth. It is a WOW experience and often I need to take a drink of water (just a bit). The taste of cinnamon so completely fills me that I have no desire for any other treat. I carry my cinnamon shaker with me where ever I go. I finally feel like I've got control of what and WHEN I eat!
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