I'm a binge eater

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I was on the low side of my recommended calories last night.

I ate a really clean breakfast and lunch.

Went to school and had a great, clean snack.

Got home and my husband had dinner ready (he cooks on nights I have school so we don't have to eat really late) and he was so proud because he really worked hard trying to make it clean for me.

I was feeling really good about my day. I decided to study for an upcoming test before bed.

So there I am sitting at my desk and I hear a crunching sound coming from the living room and my husband is eating oreos. I ate 12. The oreos were more calories then my whole dinner.

I had no freaking control!!!!!! I dont even like oreos!!!!!!!

The oreos put me well over my calorie limit and well I'm just so upset. I guess I am starting over again today.

I know I am a binge eater I took a quiz and my doctor says I am but I dont understand how to make myself stop when I don't want what is in front of me.
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    this may sound silly but I grab a big dill pickle or two! It's crunchy, salty and seems to satisfy my urge to snack. I'm not a sweet snacker. Not sure how to fix that one? Maybe sweet pickles... LOL
    3981 days ago
    Geeze that's a real tough one to break. I was smoking for a bit and just recently stopped and I've got to tell you that the craving to snack at night is 10 times stronger than smoking. I guess there are 2 things built into night time snacking:
    1. Habit - We often eat mindlessly as we watch tv in the evenings while we wind down from the day.
    2. Natural Desire - After a full day of eating really well, you've probably not consumed as much food as you normally would so your body feels starved and it's telling you to eat.

    Combine the 2 and there is almost no way to stop yourself from night time snacking. The best thing to do is eat something really light and low cal if you absolutely need to munch. I like air-popped popcorn. If you are only alike an hour away from your bedtime then just go to bed. Can't eat in your sleep!

    I know you're pain all too well....snack low cal if you must snack.
    Good luck.
    3982 days ago
    I have that same problem. Ask DH for help. First, ask him not to eat them in front of you. Second, if you do have a couple, ask him to take them away. Have him sit on you until the "need" has passed.

    Just remember...it is your choice. Not an easy one by any means, but a choice nonetheless.

    Best wishes!
    3982 days ago
    I don't allow that stuff in the house....or didn't in the beginning of this process.

    it's no big deal now..I know my wife has a pint or two of Cherry Garcia ice cream in the freezer....at one time I could polish both off....now, I have control over my desire.
    3983 days ago
  • 231604
    I'm right there with ya! I was doing great over the holiday weekend. Then 4pm rolled around and I was getting hungry so I go and eat a brownie and cupcake (left over from a party from the week). I understand what you are going through. Even though I have only realized a few weeks ago that I am a binge eater, it is difficult to manage. What has helped me for the most part is tracking the days I am binge free on the other goals page. I can check the days I am binge free. The cupcake incident was the first time I binged in over a week! I like the tracking cause it allows me to check off one more day that I met my goal. Good luck with you and I am slowly learning not to punish myself. Just remember to keep moving.
    3983 days ago
    Wow, can I relate. So many times I find myself eating things and thinking that the taste is not even worth the calories I am ingesting. I have no self control so I try to keep stuff that I would choose to binge on out of the house, but I'm struggling and just starting again. Maybe you will figure out a solution that will help both of us. Or maybe I will. Good luck.
    3983 days ago
    You are not alone. I try to have healthy choices available. Sometimes when they are not I try to dry some water or for a short walk. Sometimes it helps.
    3983 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    I used to do that too. I now grab a bag of carrots or cottage cheese and a handfull of Wheat Thins. Try keeping something healthy within reach. I know this sounds preachy & I'm sorry but I would eat things I didn't really like too! It was freakin rediculous what I shoved in my mouth....Good Luck! emoticon
    3983 days ago
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