Mindless Eating

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is what I have learned to help with mindless eating:

Keep junk foods out of the house(or out of sight if they are in your house)

Keep good healthy snacks in front & center - so they are the first that you see

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day - so you don't confuse hunger or a need for food with thirst

Do not deprive yourself of foods that you like - one day you will not be able to control yourself from eating them and may eat way too much because you think you will not have them again for a long time.

Stay mostly organized in your home and work spaces. Everything seems to fall in place much simpler when I am organized.

Exercise every day even if it is a short walk. Once you exercise you have done something good for yourself and this may stop you from undoing this act with food.

When I have too many things to do I make a list and prioritize to keep myself from getting overwhelmed.

Do not leave out any food groups in my diet! I work on eating balanced meals - usually 4 to 6 smaller meals or 3 meals and two light snacks throughout each day. This keeps me from getting too hungry so I don't start picking.

Plan in some fun snacks or desserts throughout the week.

Now I have had some issues recently with mindless eating and I wanted to write this out to help me remember what I have done to keep off my weight in a sane way!
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