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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have had a big awakening this week. I got completely hooked on the BBC's excellent three parter, 'The Young Ones'. Here's the link:

Briefly, it takes 6 British celebrities now in their 70s and 80s back to live in 1975 when they were at the peaks of their health, their careers etc. It was fascinating to see how their mindsets of 'being old' have affected them negatively, and how just going back in time for a week (brilliantly done by the Beeb) has had such a wonderful effect on their physical and mental health. Uplifting, emotional and a sheer affirmation of life, it has had a profound effect on me.

Ever since my serious fall in August 2009 I have been in a lot of pain and have allowed 4 stone to just pile on through not moving and plenty of comfort eating. (That's 56lb for my friends across the pond). I have fallen several times since, although not as badly, and have been terrified of falling again. Therefore I just stopped doing anything more than walking the dog up and down the lane. With the weight gain and lack of confidence, my body had almost seized up.

Discovering Sparkpeople has rescued me and I am now far more mobile. As a result, the weight is coming off (slowly, but it's coming off) - but far more importantly I am moving around much more easily. This has cheered me up too. I was very grumpy before that, stressed out at work, in pain and just tired all the time. I felt so old, far more than my 50 years. A bad place to be!

Having watched "The Young Ones" this week I realise 2 things:

1. I have fallen victim to the same self doubts that the 6 celebs were suffering from - but they're 26 - 38 years older than me.

2. I have come far enough with Sparkpeople to be able to up my game.

So............ today I decided not to walk the dog down the usual lane, instead I turned left and went up the hill. I live on a hill which is extremely steep in places. I didn't really know where I was going to end up but the weather was dry (a bit windy but sunny and bright) so I just kept going. After about a mile I got off the road and went cross country, following a public footpath right up to the top of the chasms. Now I'm absolutely terrified of heights and, coupled with my fear of falling, I absolutely hate going downhill, especially on steep, rough, muddy, uneven slippery surfaces. But I did it!

I was pretty cross that I hadn't brought my walking pole or the camera (not knowing where I was going before setting out) but I managed to get down that hill without falling over! Which was just as well given the amount of sheep and rabbit droppings everywhere. I will take the camera next time, the views are spectacular. Get that? Next time!

Over 9000 steps later, I'm now nursing a warm drink and feeling extremely proud that I've acted my age for a change. The dog is flat out, by the way! Thank you to Sparkpeople and 'Auntie' (the BBC) for getting me out of this awful rut.

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    Wonderful, I'm so proud of you. Sometimes jumping out of our comfort zone is so freeing.

    I'm looking forward to you pictures NEXT TIME.

    Take care my dear friend,
    3964 days ago
    Maggie's Most Excellent Adventure! Good for you, and yes, be careful. I'll have to see if your show comes on BBC America which I get on cable. Sounds right up my alley! Sorry for the double comment post, my computer stuttered.! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3965 days ago
    Oh thank you both for your concerns! I always take my phone with me after that time I fell and had to hobble home for over a mile on one foot. It didn't help that I trod in a cow pat part way home!

    I'll have a go at training my dog as SJOREEVES suggests - but then he's a terrier. Liz knows exactly what I mean!

    Finally, on the Isle of Man you're never too far from people who know you (and all about you, LOL!). Yes, I was in a remote place today, but then so were quite a few other people! Some time this week, when I'm at work or out and about minding my own business, someone will say something like "I heard you were up at the Chasms on Sunday".

    C'est la vie....

    3965 days ago
    Well done on your walk - you must feel so proud of yourself. I didn't see the program but will see if it's on "catch-up" so I can watch it.
    I agree with SJOREEVES that you should always tell people where you are going "just in case" and besides when the heavens open and you're miles from home someone might, just might, cone and fetch you!
    3965 days ago
  • no profile photo SJOR140
    Good for you! I am on disability with my back and am limited as to what I can do without hurting myself. I know tho one of the most important things for me to do is move. If I start my day by stretching before I even get out of bed, (not just "stretching a mile" as they say but actual stretching exercises for each body part),I feel better all day. It also puts me in more of an exercise (walking, whatever) mode for the day.

    If you look up chair exercises or exercises for seniors you might find exercises that you can do while sitting. I found some for the nursing home that my brother was in. I used to be an exercise instructor so I know how important moving is to keeping limber (& thin) but I also fell prey to my fears of losing my moving ability when my back quit on me. I couldn't even sit much lest stand for 3 weeks & it was another 3 weeks before I could take steps. I am about 50 lbs over weight now.

    One thing I make sure I do is let someone know I am going and the route I am taking, take or wear ID, take a cell phone. Also, train your dog to know when you need help. Mine helped me keep my brother from having strokes or getting real sick for 5 years. He fell one day while I was gone from the house and if not for the dog I would not have known it. You might need someone it knows to help you with this. Go in another room or outside, leave the dog with the other person, act like you are hurt, have them send the dog to you while telling it to go check on you. You can call the dog at the same time. Make sure you love on it when it gets there and tell it why. To get the dog to go for help, take the dog with you, act hurt, tell it to go get help and have them call the dog, then they both go to check on you. It will take time to teach it this and many tries so don't get frustrated with it. Dogs live to please their masters and taking care of the people they love is natural. They just need to know how.
    3965 days ago
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