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Titan & I At The Art/Craft Show.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today is complete day of rest on my part and my little dog Titan.
I think he is more worn out than I am. It has been over a year since we did a art/craft show.
Titan defiantly plays a big part in my set up and he draws people into my booth as much as my jewelry does.
It's always more trouble and harder to set up for a rainy day than a nice sunny one.
Some times it rains so hard the water runs and you don't want it running in you booth area.
I have large ply board squares to put down and make a floor, then that is covered with out door carpet. The booth is 10 ft by 10 ft. . Plus your set up is different in the rain. You have to set up so people come in the booth, instead of buying from counters on the open sides. You have to attach the sides covers to keep the rain out. And don't set up so the wind drives the rain in the open front.
Since I have been doing this for some time I have it down to a science. Everything is packed in the van, as it is need to set up. Canopy , floor, rug, tables, risers, racks, supplies, jewelry.
Oh, yes Titans crate, blanket, bowls, potty pads.
He stays in the van till the canopy &,floor are set up. Then he goes in he crate, everything else unloaded and the van is moved over to the vendors parking.
It takes about 2 hours to get set up.
Then the wait begins to see when the first sale ,to break the ice and start your day off. It is usually a indication how well the show will be if the sales start right away.
I send out cards letting my regular area customers that I am near and hope that they come out. Usually the people that shop at art/craft shows are buyers. Especially the first day or if it's one day event.
I also only go to shows that are in more affluent areas. With the down turn in the economy , many people don't have the funds to buy more expensive hand made items. i can understand that. I have defiantly had my days of shopping for jewelry at less expensive stores. Or other items. There seems to be a certain group of people that just like to buy handmade , hand crafted things. Whether it is something to ware , food , or art.
One thing I guarantee my customer, their piece of jewelry will be the only one made like that with those stones. It's a one of a kind original. I used to joke that I have trouble making a matching set of earrings. After I have made one I have to repeat myself and make another.
Of course it's a joke, all my earrings make beautiful pairs.
The first sale yesterday was to a stranger, but avery nice sale. She went on my list and asked where I would be later, closer to Xmas season.
I always have a preseason Xmas sales on some items. It's never too early to buy ahead for the holidays.
So now I have my entrance fee covered. Those range from $75.00 to $250.00 a day.
This was not as low at the lowest, but not the highest either.
Things were looking up.
Titan was getting lots of attention. He sits there on a little table, has a pad to sit or lay on, and some people take him for a toy. He moves and people say, Oh, he's real, oh how cute.
He has a sit up trick and roll over and his favorite lay on his back on see my tummy. Which all dogs love to do. He also shakes paws or hands. He is a very cute dog.
I put his little motorcycle vest and leather cap on for a while. Then he had a sweater on. It was sort of cool and very wet all day.
When the weather this morning was sunny, though cool, I wished it has been this way yesterday. But then just a few minutes ago the sky got dark and the rain poured down like buckets. So I guess the rain yesterday was best. It was rain, and showers.
The day got better in sales as time went on. I saw quite a few of my regular customers.
They said they had missed me, even though they had still managed to buy from the shops that I sell through. They said they like the personal contact that they get from me.
My appearance was mentioned. I had some very favorable things to say about Spark. Gave out the info to a couple who were interested in signing up.
Later in the day I had a very good customer come in and she made my day. One of the pieces was a turquoise, coral, black onyx, silver necklace & earrings. Plus a four others pieces.
That will cover most of my new wardrobe I intend to buy next year. She too said she will get more for Xmas. Of course I had my list of shows printed out and everyone got a copy.
I also give gift boxes , gift bags, little extras that help in good sales.
Before I knew it the show came to an end at 4:00 pm.
Then its take down the booth, pack everything up and try to keep the water confined to the big heavy duty garbage bags I use to pack the wet items.
We drove to the storage area I have , draped all the wet thing out to dry. Have 2 little heaters that will dry things out. They are safe, will turn off if they get tipped over. In fact I drove over today and checked on them they we almost dry.
I had other good news Saturday, in fact Friday, I weighed early and had lost2 1/2 lbs. Was now 234.. I know to some that sound like hay you are still obese, but from 333 when I was morbidly obese, its a big loss.
Just a pound away from 100 lbs. lost. Only 89 lbs from my goal weigh of 145. Which I intend to reach by July 31, 201
I took my laptop with me, but forgot my internet card So I could not log on till I got home. But I used it to keep track of my customers. And merchandise. I have a program that for that.
I watched what I ate while at the show., Subway salad, and Red Lobster dinner. Stayed well under my calorie range. Red Lobster has some great food, low in calories, carbs, fat, that are a dream for people watching their weight. Just don't use the melted butter with the crab legs or lobster . I can eat them with lemon, I don't need butter.
Friday I did my volunteer work for the Governor elect, manned the phone for 2 hours. Will do it again next Friday.
I did a little shopping Friday. Didn't buy much , a couple of scarves. What I did notice ,clothes are very expensive.
I have some beautiful, clothes that I have hardly worn. They are too big or will be too big.
Like a pair of trousers I have that I wore 3 times. They cost me $150.00 , if I sell them at a consignment shop I will get maybe $20.00. I will still have to buy more and be out over $100.00 dollars. But if I have them altered for say $30.00. I will have saved over a $100.00.
So I have decided that the items I have that are hardly worn, or really expensive, I am having altered. Will give me more to spend on things I really want like new boots or leather jackets.
Or a couple of new handbags. Oh I saw some items that I just fell in love with Friday.
But I will hold off for now. I will see what's available at the winter sales. Have to think ahead.
Titan has been sleeping most of the day away. I wish sometimes I could sleep like that.
Well the rain has stopped, the sun is out again. But I doubt I will go out for an evening walk.
Good we walked this morning. Oh I spoke too soon, it's pouring down rain.
I am only doing some stretching and yoga today. Besides the mile walk. Tomorrow I will get back into 2 or 3 hours of a mix of exercises. The more I exercise the better I feel.
Last month I was sidelines for a few days with a bum knee. I had cortisone shot in each knee. Oh, they are painful shots. But it does help. These shots should last for a two or three months. And then I'll see what else needs to be done.
I do know the wet weather doesn't help . My joints ached all day yesterday. This morning I stretched and still yelled when I go out of bed. But it's faded away some . But I doubt I could walk another mile right now. Smile.!!
Think about this quote." The happy people are those who are producing something, the bored people are those who are consuming much and producing nothing." Willam R. Inges.
Peace and Love.

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  • -CHERI-
    Yeah for you! You always are in such good spirits and keep me motivated and ready to conquer the world. WOW - 100 pounds down. Did it seem like a reachable goal when you began? Seems I have to think in smaller pieces - a lot easier for me to grasp and think that I can really do it. Thanx so much for the inspiration, Girlie!! Ya gotta put up some pics!! Both of you and I gotta see Titans leathers!!! Also - the jewelry too!!
    3880 days ago
    You are doing so well! Congrats on your continued success! Keep up the good work & keep Sparkin!

    emoticon Rose
    3882 days ago
    Congratulations on your latest loss. You are making wonderful progress, and the first hundred pounds is the hardest. (That was a joke - they're all hard.) You still have a long way to go in a short time to meet your goal, but you're making wonderful progress. Impressive!

    3882 days ago
    I love reading about your art/craft show. So interesting!!

    Titan sounds so neat!!

    You are doing amazing on your weight loss. Keep at it.
    3882 days ago
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