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Not wanting to move forward.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here is my quandry. I have been sitting at the same weight for about 3 months. That's not a bad thing. It has been a very stable weight to maintain...a plateau, if you will. Plus, the gravity-fed flab, which appeared when the weight disappeard, has actually toned up a lot, especially the squirrel wings under my arms.

"That's not a problem", you say. "You haven't seen that size body for 25 years."
That's true, of course, but... here I am... on sparkpeople.
I LOVE sparkpeople! I love the tools, the support, the goodies. I mostly love the friends and family (yes, family) who I have gotten to know and become closer to.

Sparkpeople has a program with stages. I have been finished with Stage 3 for the longest time. I keep getting little reminders about moving on to Stage 4.
STAGE 4!!!! ...the LAST stage! I have been fearful about going there. Is that the end? Will I have to be finished with SP? What if I don't drop those last few pounds? Will friends still relate to me if I don't have mega-weight to lose?

It's amazing how a seemingly small step can be such a roadblock for moving forward! I don't want to stop coming here. I feel silly, but have any of you experienced what I am going through? What could possibly be so awful behind door #4? You get spark points for it...that's a good thing. I guess I'll just have to
click on It and find out....MOVE FORWARD!

Thank you all for indulging in my neurosises. Keep sparking; I know I will.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Ginger!
    I am struggling with some of the same things you are talking about here! I love to see progress and results of my hard work...sometimes I get impatient.

    AND...I have those 'squirrel wings' too! :D My daughter is getting married in late July next summer (HOT), and I have to wear a sleeveless dress in order to be comfortable! I'm thinking there aren't too many ways to hide those wings....easier to hide my thighs! :D

    On a more cheerful note...I LOVE SPARK TOO! :D

    3958 days ago
    Those things on the arms, oh yeah, I have them too. Those are my bat wings! If you find out how to remove those let me know, okay?
    3965 days ago
    Stage 4? Heck, I am still gaining and loosing the same pound for a year now. I loose it and find it and loose it and find it again. But, if I stopped sparking I would gain a lot more than the one I keep loosing and finding again.
    I love you and just keep coming to visit with you a little while. Remember, oh wise one, "you don't have to eat the whole elephant in one bite"... emoticon
    3966 days ago
    I went to stage 4 - you can do it! BUT then I went back to stage 1 and started all over - to try to motivate myself!
    3966 days ago
    I'm in Stage 4 and have been for a long time. What's great about it is that you can stay there. I still have about 10 lbs left to lose myself and I don't feel like I can't relate to people because of that. I think SP knows that weight loss isn't something that you achieve and never have to worry about again. That's why they do "check ups" in Stage 4 to help keep you on the right track. I know that even when I hit my goal weight I'll still need to track everything and stay on SP, otherwise the weight will slowly creep back up on me. I understand your hesitation. Just move forward. You rock Ginger!
    3967 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6312724
    You're just another reminder to me that I can definitely do it! I can't wait for stage 4, i think? I never discount the inspiration you continue to be to me and others, so positive. i love you for that.Sooooooo keep sparking. Spark school is definitely continuing education!

    3967 days ago
    Ginger, I have been on stage four for two years and I am still here, yes I did make goal, but now I am maintaining and I can tell you this there is never an end. I find it harder to maintain than to lose.
    Stage four is just saying your making this your lifestyle and you have learned all the steps and that you know how to eat the right things and how to control your portions. Believe me you do not have to leave Sparks and we would not want you to.
    So the choice is yours just as everything else in your life you can choose to move forward or stay where your feel comfortable.
    Your doing great so don't be afraid to move forward.
    I am sure you will make the right decision. Sandy
    3967 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    heheheh Ginger... you're fear or reluctance to "finish" by moving on to stage 4 sounds like me and novels. I just can't finish a book because I don't want to have it "end" and have to say good-bye to all the characters I've come to love and enjoy so much. I have three books sitting here with a chapter or two unread in each *sigh*

    Well, it's time you take that step and get on with it so you can complete this part of your journey. And I promise you all us Spark "characters" will still be in your life as you maintain and we work towards our goals. I’m going to be here for a looooooooooooong time emoticon

    Go get those points emoticon You deserve it emoticon

    3967 days ago
    It can be soooo frustrating as we wait for the last of those pounds to melt, can't it? They always seem to take such a long time to lose, I know. Go ahead; click on Door #4! I doubt it will be a Zonk (in keeping with the old Let's Make a Deal analogy :) By the very nature of Spark, we'll never really be done with it. Even when we're at goal, there's still maintenance, so we'll always have us with you, Stage 4 or not! And I'm grateful for that :) Have a pleasant evening, Ginger! - Sandi emoticon
    3967 days ago
    Stage 4 is can handle it. No you will not graduate and have to leave. You will be able to concentrate on your next goal or obstacle, depending how you look at it. Squirrel wings? I always called them back boobs and they still are there, smaller but there!
    3967 days ago
    Hi, I liked what you said, "the gravity-fed flab, which appeared when the weight disappeared, has actually toned up a lot." That made me feel so much better. It was one of my peeves that I'd never found an answer to. I worried that losing my belly fat (that's hard to say)that it would sag. I know everyone different but it was still nice to hear.

    Might I ask what the stages are about? This is the first I've heard of them, I've only been on here less than a week. I'm not sure where to look for it or if I have to. Thank you for your blog. I learn so much from them.


    3967 days ago
    Ginger, we will certainly rejoice with you when that well-deserved goal is reached. What an inspiration to everyone who knows you---to be able to say 'I did this and here's my story...' Change is always difficult, but with it comes great rewards. Here's to the new you and new days ahead.

    3967 days ago
    Your friends will celebrate your great choices. Take your time, you will move forward when you are emotionally ready to do so and you will be great!!
    3967 days ago
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