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Thursday, October 07, 2010

This week is going pretty good even though the first part was busy. My daughter had short day every day this week because it is parent teacher conference week. So I had to get use to getting up early everyday this week instead of the regular one day. I have my class that I go to before work every tuesday, so that day is usually rushed but I managed to get in 15 minute walk on the treadmill. Wednesday I had to make sure to get in my exercise and be dressed and ready because I had my conference with my daughter's teacher that day. I managed to get dressed and ready to pick her up from school, go to the conference, took my daughter to the book fair that is going on at the school to buy her some books she wanted, went to Target, bought lunch, and even had time to eat all before I had to go into work lol. Today is a nice relaxing day of me just doing laundry and cleaning my room by sections so that it won't overwhelm me. I didn't get to clean it like I had planned due to my monthly showing up on time for once lol. I even had a few minutes to get on here to write this blog on top of it all too. I am happy with my eating and exercise so far this week. I have been able to stick with my plans of exercising with a few changing of what kind cardio I do according to how much time I had. My food could be better as I have not have the time to plan the whole week like I wanted, but I have been making wise choices on my food and the fact that my weight hasn't gone up like it usually does around this time during the week lets me know that I am doing a great job so far. I am determined to keep my momentum up so that I will show a loss this saturday.
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