My First Blog 10/7/2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I am starting to lift weights and I wondered if it might help me to stay motivated if I kept a journal about it in a blog. Besides lifting weights I am trying to become more consistent about having 20 minutes of aerobic exercise each weekday. My goal isn't so much to loose weight or become a body builder as to loose inches and gain some strength. emoticon I'd also like to gain speed with my aerobic exercise. emoticon

It has been fun to see the fast improvement in my leg strength. When I started I could only do 5 sets of 40 lbs on the seated leg press machine. Only a couple months later and I am lifting 120 lbs! My arms are not as dramatic, but they are strengthening slowly. I have had a tendency to be very regular with my legs, but slack off with my arms because I lack motivation since they don't improve very much. That is why I decided to start journaling about my fitness in blogs. Hope I don't bore anyone. emoticon
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