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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I decided that I want a plan for doing less, and yet enough to be SUCCESSFUL and motivated, instead of merely "holding my own" and fighting discouragment, during time periods when I am able to do less of the "total immersion in SparkPeople and weight loss".

I like trying new things and can get over-booked. Life can get busy and stressful at times for all of us. We beat our heads against the wall for a time, and then we're tempted to "throw away the baby with the bath water", to just coast, or to take a Spark break. To better cope with such feelings, I am now planning ahead of time to blatantly do LESS, ON PURPOSE. (i.e. work more efficiently and make what I do count, easy once I come up with a custom plan, with work-a-rounds for current problems)

I have set some "bare minimum" weekly goals. Here's HOW the FIRST OF SUCH WEEKS WENT.


Reporting on my first week of “COMMIT, BUT TO VERY LITTLE” ” “BLAZE OF GLORY” GOALS for the remainder of 2010

Here it is in "emoticon":
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Here's the translation, in English.

I was able to do all 4 of my "minimalist" goals.
~Entered weight for instant graphing.
~Daily deficits averaged 601 (4208 for the week earned 1.2 lb loss. Actual loss = 1.4 lbs.)
~Enjoyed crossing things off next day's "to do" list, nightly.
~Motivational grab-bag was fun and kept me from doing too much or too little. Spent less time online and still felt enthused and a part of things.

~The time rewards kept me from feeling guilty for screwing off when there were things I "should" be getting done. I still have to decide what I want to do with the BIG ONE. the 90 minutes of "screw off" time I've earned for this week. Maybe a movie.

Better yet. DH drives a convertible and is often wanting to do "top down' rides. Since the day is so nice, I think I'll suggest a "top down" ride to view the colorful trees. We could even stop at a park for a walk to enjoy the leaves up close and personal.

1. Weight graph.
2. Daily deficit.
3. Plan ahead, cross off "won't do"'s.
4. Motivational grab-bag.
Daily rewards of "screw off" time. Weekly reward of big chunk of "screw off" time.
(Details below.)

Weigh ONCE daily & enter weight on Ipod Touch “app”. It keeps a cumulative total and updates my graph instantly. It shows me a trend, so I can make subtle changes to correct for zigs that zag in the wrong direction.

Wear bodybugg & log calories consumed, so bodybugg software can track daily calorie deficits. (Can be done without bugg, by using trackers. The bugg just does the exercise busy work for me.)
~750 cal per day earns a 1.5 lb weekly loss or 17.5 lbs in the remaining 82 days of 2010
~500 cal per day earns a 1 lb weekly loss or 11.7 lbs by the end of 2010.
~250 cal per day earns a 0.5 lb weekly loss or 5.8 lbs by the end of 2010.
~601 cal per day, like THIS WEEK, could earn 14 more lbs OFF.

~TIME-SAVER TIP: I have started a "custom goal" called Bodybugg Deficit. I enter the number of the deficit each day and SP tracks the NUMBER OF STREAK DAYS, so that I will get a consistency rating, even if I miss a day. SP totals the deficit numbers, when I ask it for a WEEKLY or MONTHLY report. Sweet! Much easier than adding up those numbers like I used to do in a blank checkbook ledger.

To save time, plan meals, activities and free time. Keep it simple. Review “to-do” list nightly to cross off things I will NOT do the following day. (Smile )

Choose ONE and no more than FOUR of these daily activities, to keep me emotionally nourished and accountable, when time is limited.
~Say “hi” to my peeps.
~Say “no” to one thing that CUES me to want to overeat.
~Read one SP article.
~Resist looking longingly and lustfully at one food item I’ve fallen prey to in the past.
~Play trivia.
~Read my cards with reasons I want to lose weight.
~Read someone’s blog.
~Write a short blog.
~ Update my friend’s feed status.
~Stop by a friend’s page & leave a comment.
~Send someone a Goodie.
~Huddle with two teams.

~Daily reward for 80% compliance = 15 minutes to waste or use just for me.
~Daily bonus of 10 additional minutes for 100% compliance.
~Weekly reward for 80% compliance = 60 minutes to waste or use just for me.
~Weekly bonus of 30 additional minutes for 100% compliance.
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