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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well its been whirlwind that will not slow down until next spring around my house hold. But I thought I would tell a little about about the WooHoos and the next steps. I tend not to focus on the negatives, so I down play them each day and find the joys in my days.

Lets see I started this journey last year about this time, I was 265 pounds, had high blood pressure uncontrollable, close to being added to the high cholesterol group also. And yes I am FAT, obese, what ever you want to call it. I got down to 239 last June, WooHoo!!!! And then I went on a 3 week trip through Alaska, came back to the scale at 265 pounds. So whats a guy todo, had a great time, just ate to much stuff that I had no control over. I am happy to say by the first of this month I was down in the 244-242 range. My Doctor visits went really well. BP under control, pulse rate wonderful, and my cholesterol went up. Wow that was not expected!!! Looking over the numbers with my Doctor, my HDLs (good stuff) went up 23 mg, and my LDL (bad stuff) went down 7 mg. So the total number went up. So long story short, she marked me as doing well keep up the great work. And I hit my goal, well close enough that I was quite happy about it. My RA numbers where all great, also, I'm doing something right!!! WooHoo!!!!

I tossed my scale, for me this has worked. I only weigh in at Dr. visits, last one I was at 239, I finally broke the 240 wall again, I have bounced against so often.

New goal, 225 by Dec. 24th, 2010. Yeah thats huge, but you got to shot for the stars to reach them.

Other things I am going after now. I have decided to tackle another item, and that is my spending habits. More over my addition to technology, I work in the field, love the new toys, and well think we live in great times. Problem is it costs tons of money to be on the bleeding edge. And I would rather do more with them $$$. So I am taking the spark people approach to weight lose towards my finances.

Lose weight - spend less than you make, pay off any debt I might carry, a couple of car loans, a refrigerator, and a few electronics. Its got to go!!!!!

To help get these cleared out, I have sold off some prized items that I have from my computer collection, and my Car collection. The ball is rolling now. This last month our spending is way down, WooHoo!!!!

Exercise, means I put my $$$$ to work for me, investing, and building a rainy day fund.

Set goals and tracking. Tracking = budget, never had one, never saw the need, well let me tell you it was an eye opener to see just what I was spending, and on what, crazy. Goals yes I have them, and the biggest one is debt free, everything by August 2012, its a long road, and yes it Will happen faster, but it took years to get here just like it takes years to get back in shape.

With out doing Spark People, I don't think I would have made it to the point where I could start talking other short comings in my life.

If you get one thing from this blog, please do this, teach your children how to save money, how to plan, and how to track. It is our jobs, one I wish my parents had done a better job of with me. Luckily in my family this is my burden, I am the one that spends. My wife is a saver, my daughter is a saver, and my son, well he is just getting to the point where he needs to learn how to save, and I need to be that role model.

So where I am at, with almost a year in, I lost the same 26 pounds twice, yeah that sucks, if I keep to my guns I would be down 52 pounds, but you know what I don't regret the journey, I will have set backs, I just have to rise to the occasion and keep on walking. Its how you react to the set backs and troubles in your life that determine your final out come.
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  • SUNNYDJ1971
    Great blog! You have a great outlook on life! Keep it up, and thanks for sharing!
    3926 days ago
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