The choice is the same!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

This morning...during my "only slightly above freezing" morning hit me!

Political Ads...Food and Restaurant Commercials...ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!

They inform! They influence! They entice! will read and hear LOTS OF PEOPLE encouraging you to "do the right thing", "make informed choices", "exercise your right"! I applaud them! I hope you do...I hope you are smart and do the RIGHT THING!

But...more importantly...what if you "did the right thing", "made informed choices", "exercised your right" the next time a billboard, sign, or commercial tried to hook you in to LEAVING THE PATH!

Plain and good went to the polls informed and SMART...why not approach everyday that way? Sounds simple right...but think about HOW MANY TIMES YOU DIDN'T MAKE GREAT CHOICES!

The choice is the same...PLEASE make the right ones!
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