Dear Blawg Dawg - #5

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Wednesday or HUMP DAY and WELCOME to the fifth edition of Dear Blawg Dawg! Think of this Wednesday column as a FRESH and NEW "not so scientific response" to your lifestyle, workout, and image questions! Sort of the DEAR ABBY of sparkers everywhere! This week...both letters are from men!

Our week's first letter comes to us from Dennis...

Dear Blawg Dawg,

Dude...I probably sound vain writing this, but I am freaked out! I have lost nearly 100 pounds in less than a year and I have become a machine when it comes to push ups, but I notice when doing them...I have some skin hanging around my stomach and it REALLY freaks me out! HELP...WHAT CAN I DO?


Dear Dangling in Dallas,

First off...congrats on the near 100 pounds lost. Secondly, probably didn't think twice about that skin hanging a couple of years ago. You took that 100 pounds and filled that skin out perfectly and never thought twice as you probably ate everything you wanted to...but know the way and I understand your concern.

Studies show...if you lose MORE than 20% of your original almost always will have 'bounce back' issues. The drastic way to fix The smart way...consistent exercise. Research shows that in 10-14 months...MOST of the skin will bounce back (depending on amount of time being overweight, age, amount of water you drink) with regular exercise!

Dude...celebrate the loss...the bounce back is ON THE WAY!

The Blawg Dawg!

Our next letter comes to us from Cleveland!

Dear Blawg Dawg,

Is there a secret to looking younger? I am single again, losing LOTS OF WEIGHT, and wanting to meet the perfect lady at the clubs. I wear my dockers, boat shoes (no socks), tight polo, and gold I am looking good...but the face...ugh...what are your thoughts?


Dear Cruisin' in Cleveland!

There are probably lots of preventive things you can do...but you probably should have thought of those 20 years ago...assuming you are that old. I mean...many baby oiled up and hit the sun in their teens. shop? Soft lens? Make up and powder? REALLY DARK BAR? All are quick fixes...but NOT a solution.

I have to ask why you are looking in a bar? The smoke, the alcohol you will probably consume, and the lights that go on a 2 AM are ALL BAD FOR YOU!

What about meeting someone with similar interests? Someone that will like you JUST HOW YOU ARE? Some that will work out with you...make you feel stuff you like!

If your body has changed you might want to consider this thought: The things that interested you and the way you met people when you were younger...may not fit with the NEW YOU!

Embrace who YOU HAVE BECOME and the ladies my embrace you too!

The Blawg Dawg!

When the men are worried about hanging skin and looking younger...time for me to check out!

Send your questions to TODDJAMES...subject Blawg Dawg...heck...YOU might have your burning question answered NEXT WEEK!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • AMBER281
    Always a fun read! Thanks for another great edition!
    3835 days ago
    As always, a fun read. Hope I don't have the hanging skin problem :-)
    3835 days ago
    Gracie's on to something. What's with the 80's look? And smokey bars??!! I think Cleveland Carl is from Oklahoma?

    Then there is Dennis worrying about his skin flap? Go see a Mohel and have him perform a Brit milah. (I cringe just thinking about it).
    3838 days ago
    Dear Blawg're SO smart...THANKS for the info about dangling skin...I have a friend (actually a co-leader friend) who will be so EXCITED to hear this news!!!

    3839 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5217955
    It's eerie how you come up with this stuff. They say guys don't talk.
    3839 days ago

    I can't believe you didn't ask Carl in Cleveland how he feels about long distance relationships and how old he is! Maybe he's a match for me!!! You could play match-maker here!
    emoticon emoticon
    3839 days ago
    *I wear my dockers, boat shoes (no socks), tight polo, and gold I am looking good...but the face...ugh...what are your thoughts?

    My thoughts are... lose the 1988 fashion sense!!!

    Here in MI there's no smoking in bars anymore. Those of us who like to imbibe just a bit but don't smoke LOVE this deal.

    Grr, I"m going to have to find that business card I have. I picked up a business card from a holder that was for a photographer, and something to the effect of "Why diet? Let photoshop take care of it!" I was simply taken aback...
    3839 days ago
    Second one reminds me of that commercial where the wife is complaining that her husband looks just like he did twenty years ago. Then the picture goes to him, lounging against a doorframe in what looks like twenty-year-old basketball uniform. He asks the company to tell his wife to stop complaining and enjoy the view. That view, and the picture in my mind's eye of your correspondent, I can do without!

    Advice is spot on, but I'm with MCSNYDER1, where's the howling humor?

    BTW, where's this research you mention? I'm targeting a 32.6% loss, and might as well start preventative measures now, if it's not too late at my age!
    3839 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7632332
    Is this the real dawg or an imposter dawg? Seems awfully businesslike and serious! Where's the dawg with the 'tude? Did he nip the wrong reader????? The advice is good and right on the money, but I need the raw edge of sarcasm!!!!!! emoticon
    3839 days ago
    emoticon great advice blawg dawg...especially the 2 am reminder, ha ha.
    3839 days ago
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