Lost a pound over Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

YES THE TITLE IS CORRECT. I lost one pound over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I went into this holiday treating it as any other day. I made low calorie pie but other than that it was just another Thursday to me.
I ate a normal breakfast, and lunch. I went to dinner knowing what I was going to eat and how many calories it would be and that is what I ate.
I did not starving myself, hating myself, or eating all my calories for the day in one plate. I am so excited that I may cry. My mother in law noticed that I was eating healthier and commented that the pies I make for Thanksgiving were so good. (Yes they were low calorie) She asked me what I was doing that I looked so much healthier and happy. I know I am rambling I am just so excited and my husband doesn't really get it for me to talk to him. emoticon
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