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Monday, December 06, 2010

Well, Had I know that my day was going to start out the way it did I would have just planned to sleep in and skip the entire thing. I started my day by resting in bed after my alarm went off... just taking in the sun and ocean view from my bed while pondering what to wear to work. Well somewhere between, "Maybe those green cargo pants" and "my new skinny jeans" I fell back to sleep and woke up with just enough time to rush through all of my morning routine which was changed drastically due to the Holiday Detox that I'm doing. (More about the detox later, it actually seems really healthy and I'll be within my range for all three days.) So I scrambled into the shower where the water got warm right about the time I was ready to get out of the shower. I quickly made my breakfast smoothie and packed my lunch, which despite having looked it over at least 10 times in the last four days, I could not remember what I was supposed to be packing.

Ok so I get out the door exactly 10 minutes before I am to be at work. My jobs is about a 20 minutes drive away on a good day by the way. Oh ten minutes, no big deal, if I didn't have to stop and get gas! Yeah last night after running errands with the gas light on I decided that I'd just get gas in the morning because there wasn't a pump open on my side of the car. I guess I wasn't the only person in OB with that idea because there was a huge line of cars waiting to get gas and since I had been driving with the gas light on, I didn't know if I'd make it to another gas station. Waited in line for about ten more minutes and seriously considered screaming or punching this stupid lady who was sitting in her car at the pump talking on her cell phone. I wasn't worried about the pump blowing up or anything but I could see from my car that her pump had shut off and she was just taking up space. I decided that a quick honk and pointing to the pump was a better idea. She looked up, got out or her car and returned the hose to the pump. I pulled around to the pump assuming she would be pulling out and the
!$@#% then proceeds to continue her conversation in her car in front of the pump!!!! DOES SHE NOT SEE THIS HUGE LINE OF CARS WAITING TO GET GAS ON MONDAY MORNING DURING RUSH HOUR?!?!?! I'm all for not talking on your cell phone while driving but could you not set you phone down and pull into one of the ten empty parking spaces!?!?

I began taking deep breaths to prevent myself from exploding at this woman. I got lucky and was able to squeeze around and back into another space. I was able to pay for my gas, FILL my tank, get back in my car and pull out just as the woman decided to leave the gas station. Rather than exiting properly as I did, the woman decided that she should inch her way into the intersection, blocking oncoming traffic because she had to make that stupid left turn! I waited at the light for my turn, and flipped her the bird as I drove past her car, still blocking traffic and unable to continue down the road!

Karma baby.... and then I got mine for loosing my temper.

I was so fired up from that woman that I finally got to work, 30 minutes late and more frustrated than I can remember being in a long time. I even smoked a cigarette in an attempt to calm my nerves. I used to smoke a lot and have quit except for the occasional slip from the "emergency pack" I keep stashed in a secret compartment in my car for such breakdowns.

Well now it's 11:30 and I have been able to reflect on my decisions and mistakes and I have learned a lesson. I've spent the last thirty minutes occupied on Spark People and wrote a blog. I feel much more relaxed and ready to accomplish some good work today.

Here's a link for the detox I started today. It actually seems pretty well balanced it just eliminates a lot of the sugar and carbs that I went over board on this past weekend. I'm hoping it will give me a nice boast to show some weight loss before I get home for Christmas!

Well it's about time for my delicious salad. Hopefully it and the unsalted pistachio nuts I have for a snack give me enough energy to last through Step and kick boxing tonight!

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  • SARA0246
    Try the link now APMACD!
    3884 days ago
    Oh man, Sara, that's a morning to forget if there ever was one. I can totally see how smoking a cig would seem like it'd help you feel better. :0P Good for you for getting your frustrations out in another healthier way. :0) I guess we have to go through crappy mornings like this in order to appreciate smoother mornings, but still, that was enough! I do hope the rest of the day buzzes along a positive route. Can't wait to see you Saturday!!! Oh, and thanks for sharing the link to the Holiday Detox. I was just thinking about that when I was at Henry's Saturday morning and then again a few minutes while biking on my break. I DEFINITELY want to do this, too!!
    3884 days ago
    Sorry it was such a rough morning.... I have had a couple of those in the last month. The link isn't working for me, is there something I can look up? Have fun at kickboxing tonight!
    3884 days ago
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